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RIP Evel

November 30, 2007 Leave a comment


Evel Knievel dies today at the age of 69. His daredevil career began in 1965 when he formed a troupe called Evel Knievel’s Motorcycle Daredevils, a touring show in which he performed stunts such as riding through fire walls, jumping over live rattlesnakes and mountain lions and being towed at 200 mph behind dragster race cars. I can even remember watching him on the Wide World of Sports wanting my own jumpsuit and motorcycle to do crazy shit on, and apparently i wasn’t the only cat either:

I’m glad they squashed their beef and made up though:


To read the full AP story about his passing click here

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My Wish List AmEx

November 30, 2007 Leave a comment


if you have an American Express card, you need to click on that logo right there … its a program that American Express has been doing for the last few Christmas seasons, and trust me you want to be hip to this

finally the Blackberry Curve on Verizon???

November 30, 2007 18 comments


According to a boygenious report the Blackberry Curve will be on Verizon by the end of the first quarter next year, and its about friggin’ time! Good lookin’ out Verizon.

My new every two contract is up for renewal mid March so I am pretty fired up about the, “… newly obtained information, it appears the Blackberry 8330 will be another World Edition device that will eventually find it’s way to CDMA carriers, such as Verizon, Sprint and Telus…” And I can’t wait!

To read the BGR rumor check it out right here but there is only one problem…


the Blackberry 9000 is rumored to be coming out right around that time, how long will it take to get verizon up on that? … OMG

Jay-Z slot machine

November 30, 2007 Leave a comment

This man is a beast!


Courtesy of ‘the movable buffet” blog on the LA times website comes this …

The period between Thanksgiving and Christmas is traditionally the slowest time of the year in Vegas.

Many shows offer locals 2-for-1 ticket specials, and many shows have extended dark periods.

On the other hand, beneath the surface, this is a busy time of year, especially for restaurants and nightclubs, precisely because there are fewer customers.Remodeling of old establishments (like Light at Bellagio into Bank) is common this time of year. Also, common are openings that hit between now and New Year to allow the bugs to be worked out before the tourists return in droves.

Tonight I cam going to cover the red carpet opening of Company: American Bistro at Luxor, the latest effort from Pure Management Group.

The opening I am most looking forward to though is Jay-Z bringing his 40/40 chain to the Venetian‘s expansion on December 30.

Today I received in the mail an invite: my own Jigga slot machine. Of course, it is a rigged machine. What do you expect from the master of the hustle? Every time you pull the handle you get the same numbers 12/30/07: the date of the 40/40 opening.

(Photo by Sarah Gerke)

Hate all they want, say his lyrics have fallen off, but you must admit Hov’s marketing game is pretty genius …

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Random WTF!

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Protesters in Khartoum today demanded the execution of a teacher convicted of insulting Islam after her students named a teddy bear “Muhammad.”

So if you have been watching the news lately, this story about a British teacher in Sudan is getting waaaaay out of control! Thats a great article in the NY Times written by Jeffrey Gettleman

Gillian Gibbons, the teacher, was sentenced on Thursday to 15 days in jail. Under Sudanese law, she could have spent 6 months behind bars and received 40 lashes.

Read that again please. I understand people thinking that Americans have lost their minds because we watch Nip/Tuck, or because more people tune in and watch more American Idol in a week than they do of the news in a year, but this seems a little worse. I wish I could just ask one of these protesters, Do you realize that you are calling for the death of a person, because of the name chosen for a doll.

The worst part of it is that, “witnesses said that many of the protesters were government employees who had been ordered to demonstrate.” What is that? How does the government even have time to bother with this kind of stuff? Especially when there is a little issue of genocide going on in your country!

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Angelina Jolie is Perfect

November 30, 2007 1 comment


Ummm, yeah. So this is just a reason to post some pictures of Angelina Jolie. Apparently she makes a ton of money too. She is topping this years list of highest paid Hollywood actresses along with Reese Witherspoon or something like that. The top ten goes like this:

1. Reese Witherspoon — $15 million-$20 million

2. Angelina Jolie — $15 million-$20 million

3. Cameron Diaz — $15+ million

4. Nicole Kidman — $10 million-$15 million

5. Renee Zellweger — $10 million-$15 million

6. Sandra Bullock — $10 million-$15 million

7. Julia Roberts — $10 million-$15 million

8. Drew Barrymore — $10 million-$12 million

9. Jodie Foster — $10 million-$12 million

Halle Berry — $10 million

check out the article here courtesy of the Hollywood Reporter

and more pictures of AJ go like this



For some reason I think I like the crazy AJ better…

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I Like Your Style

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An interesting quote from Allen Iverson speaking on the recent trend of athletes being targeted by criminals. Earlier this summer the armed robberies of NBA players Eddy Curry and Antoine Walker got the attention of star athletes. The recent shooting death of Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor, and allegations he might have been targeted, really got it.

“You’re aware that you are a target,” Nuggets guard Allen Iverson said. “A lot of people want what you got. A lot of people don’t like the fact that you have what you have. Being black. Being a certain age. It don’t sit well with a lot of people. But that’s the lifestyle we chose. And that’s the lifestyle we have to deal with.”

Iverson said he tries to “stay away from . . . negative surroundings” but admits that often “you can’t stay away because . . . that environment follows you.”

Perspective like that would lead some to believe that AI can definitely be considered a role model. I’m one of those people fa sho!

Because really that shit has got to be difficult, I am reminded of something Michael Irvin said about entourages… it was something to the effect that its easy for all of us to say why can’t they just let their boys go, but in reality when they look at these cats, its not just a homie from around the way, its a guy whose mother fed them when they were hungry. It’s a guy whose house you went to when things got too thick at yours. Unfortunately you can’t always separate your past from your present. When you think about it, given the number of high profiled athletes with a lot of dough, in relation to real life at least, there isn’t too much drama and/or tragedy that goes on. Unfortunately the few times that it happens is still 1, 2, or 3 times too much

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