2 More Years


Phil Jackson has signed on for 2 more years. Reportedly he will be making somewhere in the neighborhood of$11 or 12m to sit in a high chair and babysit grown men. I like Phil Jackson, and I think that coaches do have some effect on the players they coach but jeez he has gotten about $50m bucks basically just to keep Kobe in Los Angeles. One thing we do know, is that he is no Steve Swindal. Word around the campfire (Stephen A.) by the way is that Kobe isn’t going anywhere. LA is where his ass needs to stay. Yes the East is pretty weak still, but any team he goes to he goes to is going to have to give up too much, so he is screwed either way. The more and more I think about it Bron-Bron isn’t complaining and his squad is a lot worse that the Lakes supporting cast. It’s going to be interesting to see how Kobe handles the next month or so because it appears that Bron is just going to keep putting up heeyuuuge numbers. I don’t think people are making enough of this, he is averaging 31/8/8 right now. If he suddenly becomes a lock down type of defender I will have to let him get the belt and the title of Best In the Game

Phil’s career coaching record as of 11.29.2007 is: 927W and 399L with 9 titles , ummm okay maybe he should be getting that kind of skrilla

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