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the Billion Dollar Man


You know, I always find it interesting how they say LeBron is going to be ‘the’ billion dollar athlete. I know he is the in thing right now and all, but Tiger Woods has been clocking $90m a year since I was in college it seems. Isn’t he close to a billi already? Michael Shuemacher was driving a Ferrari making something crazy for about 10 straight years. Obviously we know Magic is just about there, and if Juanita can get something north of $100m from MJ, he would probably be pretty close too right? Here is a great story about the burgeoning brand that is LeBron. Even though he is putting a barbershop in his house, I can’t be too mad at him. I am sure his celebrity starter kit came with an entourage, but it seems that at least his is about making that paper… He is his brothers keeper.

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