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Jay-Z slot machine

This man is a beast!


Courtesy of ‘the movable buffet” blog on the LA times website comes this …

The period between Thanksgiving and Christmas is traditionally the slowest time of the year in Vegas.

Many shows offer locals 2-for-1 ticket specials, and many shows have extended dark periods.

On the other hand, beneath the surface, this is a busy time of year, especially for restaurants and nightclubs, precisely because there are fewer customers.Remodeling of old establishments (like Light at Bellagio into Bank) is common this time of year. Also, common are openings that hit between now and New Year to allow the bugs to be worked out before the tourists return in droves.

Tonight I cam going to cover the red carpet opening of Company: American Bistro at Luxor, the latest effort from Pure Management Group.

The opening I am most looking forward to though is Jay-Z bringing his 40/40 chain to the Venetian‘s expansion on December 30.

Today I received in the mail an invite: my own Jigga slot machine. Of course, it is a rigged machine. What do you expect from the master of the hustle? Every time you pull the handle you get the same numbers 12/30/07: the date of the 40/40 opening.

(Photo by Sarah Gerke)

Hate all they want, say his lyrics have fallen off, but you must admit Hov’s marketing game is pretty genius …

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