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A Moment of Silence

December 27, 2007 Leave a comment


I don’t know if I hate this guy or I look up to him. I mean with K Federline at least Britney was someone that I don’ think I would fucks with. But JA, umm, yeah… Anyways, word around the campfire is that he not only has her pregnant now, but they are officially engaged. I contemplated jumping out of my fifth floor window, but I think I will just have a moment of silence here at my cube. Maybe light a candle or something. Hoorah for this guy Cash and every other regular cat out there who is looking for the starlet whose eye he catches.


Mark Cuban’s Success and Motivation

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I used to not like Mark Cuban because I thought he was some spoiled rich kid who bought a basketball team with some dot com money, and for the most part, he was. But as I began to look at him, and read up on him, I’ve come to find out that he is much more than that. He didn’t just get lucky and get rich in a few months from some jackass idea in his dorm room, but he was a tried and true entrepreneur who learned a business and took advantage of an opportunity with a great plan, and wisely sold out to the highest bidder at the right time. If you haven’t done it already, throw him in google and read a few articles on the guy. The Mavs wont be winning a chip anytime soon, so maybe that is why I like him more now, but Mark seems to have his head on straight. Check out his Success and Motivation series on, its a good read and I like to check back in and read it every once and a while. My favorite quote of his, and me and my guys talk about it all the time is, “you only have to be right once!”

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The Apartment

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Check out this fly store in Australia called the Apartment. They need a place like that in Los Angeles. A spot like that would maybe convince me to spend more than 40 bucks on a pair of sneakers. A fly place like that would be dope to take a babe to! I want a place like this close so that I can take girls there and show them crazy displays on the wall. I wonder if they serve drinks? Wouldn’t that be a cool location for a bar or something. I just had an idea. Anyways read up on the spot here at, and check out some more pictures on the link up.


What would be dope was like if they had a DJ booth somewhere too. You could stay there hella long just hanging out chillin’ you know. ps. i like how they work an 8 hour day.

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Record Sales Chart for Dec. 18th release week

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1. Josh Groban – Noel – 774,000 units


2. Mary J. Blige – Growing Pains 640,000 units


3. Alicia Keys – As I Am – 516,000


4. Eagles – Long Road Out of Eden – 324,000 units


6. Now Thats What I Call Music #26 – 239,000

7. Carrie Underwood – Carnival Ride – 228,000

8. Chris Brown – Exclusive – 189,000

9. High School Musical 2 – Soundtrack – 188,000

10. Jaheim –  The Makings of A Man – 185,000

these figures are for the record sales, for the week, after the Dec 18th release dayweekly sales figures courtesy of album sales chart

Box Office Report

December 24, 2007 Leave a comment

Box office report for the weekend December 21-December 23


National Treasure Book of Secrets – $45.5m, first week in release

2. i-am-legend.jpg

I Am Legend, $34.2m, total gross to date $137.4m


Alvin and the Chipmunks $29m, total gross to date $84.8m


Charlie Wilson’s War– $9.6m, first week in release


Sweeney Todd – $9.35m, first week in release

6. P.S. I Love You – $6.5m, first week in release

7. Enchanted – $4.1m, total $98.3m

8. Walk Hard – $4.1m, first week in release

9. The Golden Compass $3.9m, total $48.4m

10. Juno – $3.4m, total $6.35m

totals courtesy of

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We’ve Got A Big Game Tonight!

December 20, 2007 3 comments


I am leaving work early… Tonight we have the Kobester vs. Bron-Bron, and I can’t wait. I found this nice piece written last year by Michael Wilbon, a writer for the Washington Post who always makes great points. Bron is the closet thing to Magic, Kobe the closest to MJ. There is a great line I found on somones blog saying how “…they call Bron King James, but there is no doubt that Kobe wears the crown.” Kobe is definitely happy right now with the Lakes good play, but not close to satisfied, and he shouldn’t be. Remember these same Lakers started off well enough last year too, but then injuries and lackadaisical play doomed the end of the season. LeBron and the Cav’s have gotten off to a rocky start, but are just now getting all their guys back, and healthy.

Great roundtable discussion with the guys here

So there are really no excuses to use for the game tonight, and it should be a good barometer of where these teams can look to go; and after LeBron did the Duane Martin “Above the Rim” move on the Knicks last night, I was sufficiently fired about tonight.

How do the Knickerbockers players still pick up their checks every week? This shit is getting ridiculous.Yes, that is a giant pink slip for Isaiah.


This is the early game on TNT and it should defintiely be a good one!


kobe.jpg lebron-dunk.jpg

Who Knew?

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Who knew frenchie was such a thug? Apparently some celebrity website dropped a story last week about TP hooking up for a couple of months after his wedding to Eva Longoria. Well unlike other celebs and entertainers and athletes that have been “falsely accused” TP isn’t having his lawyer write some bs issuing a statement through his attorneys, he is suing the newspaper for $40m. After the story dropped the happy couple defended their marriage in a major way, and I like that! Good for them, let’s hope that they are a forreals thing instead of some Hollywood bullshit marriage.

14402887-eva_longoria.jpg tony-y-eva1.jpgtony_parker771.jpg

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