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No. 1 Knicks… Kind of


Well at least the Knicks are number one at something. According to the most recent Forbes magazines team evaluations, the New York Knickerbockers claim the top spot for the third straight year. So, at least they have the big bucks to keep payign every 6 foot 7 dude waaay too much money. They are tops at a value of $608m with the beloved Lakers in second at $560. The Chicago Bulls, Detroit Pistons and Dallas Mavericks fill out the top five at $500m, $477m, and $462m. The rest are:

Dallas $461m Cleveland 455m Phoenix 449m Miami 418m San Antone 405m Boston 391m

Sacramento 385m Philly 380m Toronto 373m Washington 348m Utah 342m New Jersey 338m

Indiana 333m Orlando 322m Denver 321m Golden State 309m Timberwolves 308m Grizzle 304m

Clip Joint 294m Charlotte 287m Hawks 286m New Orleans 272m Supersonics 269m Bucks 264m

Portland 253m

Check out their SportsMoney sections, they are great. Team valuations, highest paid players, team profiles… their are hidden gems all over the place like the fact that the Knicks at $608m is not even close to cracking the NFL where getting in is north of $780, CRAZY! Also,  Jerry Buss bought the Lakers for just $20m back in 1978. From $20m to $56om, that must tell you that he knows what he is doing on the business side. He definitely knew what he was doing when he passed on paying Shaq another 90. and by the way Shaq is D.U.N. done. He still may be shooting a high percentage, but watching him play damn near hurts me. Man he used to be awesome!

now.. not so much!

He got in shape for one year to spite the Lakers, but after that … nada. This was the moment it all went down hill, and judging by Shaq’sreaction, he knew it…

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