Still the King


and I have a feeling he will be here for a while. Forbes Magazine has ranked the top earning stars under 25, hollywood included, and here is your list…

1. LeBron James, $27 million
2. Reggie Bush, $24 million
3. Maria Sharapova, $23 million
4. Michelle Wie, $19 million
5. Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen, $17 million each
6. Daniel Radcliffe, $15 million
7. Hilary Duff, $12 million
8. Avril Lavigne, $12 million
9. Carmelo Anthony, $10 million
10.Keira Knightley, $9 million
11.Carrie Underwood, $7 million
12.Scarlett Johansson, $5 million
13.Mischa Barton, $4.5 million
14.Dakota Fanning, $4 million
15.Emma Watson, $4 million
16.Rupert Grint, $4 million
17.Miley Cyrus, $3.5 million
18.Lindsay Lohan, $3.5 million
Moore, $3.5 million
20.Frankie Muniz, $3 million

follow the link to the slideshow provided by Forbes

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