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It’s Official


A-Rod has crazy dough! Oh yeah that is nothing new, but the deal has been finalized for the richest contract in baseball history… for the second time. $275m over 10 years for the base contract, with the potential to top out at $306m if certain incentives are met. Those incentive are home run related, so passing Willie Mays, Babe Ruth and Barry Bonds on the home run list could be very lucrative some more pocket change for Mr. Rodriguez. They should should just start calling this cat moneybags because its getting a bit ridiculous. This is some good news for the bombers and baseball on a day that could have a black cloud over the game. The Mitchell Report is coming out today… I can’t wait to see all the other names that are not Barry Bonds. I sure hope they give the rest of these guys the same drama they have been giving BB.

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