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Mark Cuban’s Success and Motivation


I used to not like Mark Cuban because I thought he was some spoiled rich kid who bought a basketball team with some dot com money, and for the most part, he was. But as I began to look at him, and read up on him, I’ve come to find out that he is much more than that. He didn’t just get lucky and get rich in a few months from some jackass idea in his dorm room, but he was a tried and true entrepreneur who learned a business and took advantage of an opportunity with a great plan, and wisely sold out to the highest bidder at the right time. If you haven’t done it already, throw him in google and read a few articles on the guy. The Mavs wont be winning a chip anytime soon, so maybe that is why I like him more now, but Mark seems to have his head on straight. Check out his Success and Motivation series on blogmaverick.com, its a good read and I like to check back in and read it every once and a while. My favorite quote of his, and me and my guys talk about it all the time is, “you only have to be right once!”

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