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Wow… Mike and Nike have done it again… In the picture Mike is holding the new sneaks, the Air Jordan XX3. The shoe will be in limited release at first with a price tag at $230 if you can find them, the reason being is that they are originally only going to be sold at 23 retailers… Unless of course one of those retailers is footlocker. After the initial run, the shoes will settle at a tag of $185. There have rumors circulating that this is the last pair or J’s since Mikes number was 23 and this is edition number 23, so you may even catch me in line trying to buy a couple. Imagine what the price for a crispy pair of these would be on eBay in a month or so. More pics from the freshnessmag post:


There are endless possibilities here too with the Air Jordan Sneaker game these days… Since nike can’t get away with the eBay prices for their shoes, well, sort of… how about like series of shoes. Imagine a big game series: the shoes where he dropped 55 on New York, the shoes from the 63 on the Celtics, the sneaks from the shot over Craig Ehlo, and the shot over Byron Russell. Or like a series of each pair he wore in the finals. And then of course, the collection of every pair made from 1-23, a write up on each one, a dvd of all the commercials, maybe throw in a signed 8×10 or something, and a few jerseys all enclosed in a big ass glass case.. If i had the loot i would buy that shit…

check out and waste some time looking over the history of Jordans… My top five goes: Jordan III, Jordan IV, Jordan IX, Jordan XII, and Jordan XVIII, What about you?

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