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New Knight Rider Preview

for all of us fan from back in the day, this is another show to look forward to. I never really got the whole remake game, until they started doing shit that I was into when I was a shorty. They say its not a remake but a continuation, which makes a lot of sense actually, so we will have to tune in to see if they can live up its predecessor. If its a continuation, then that leads us to believe that there will be room for the Hoff back in our lives, and that alone should get you fired up. I guess this is going to be like a mini series, potetial TV show thing set for 2008. Read up on it here. Below are pics of the old K.I.T.T and the old Hoff, with the new K.I.T.T. and the new Hoff


Which do you like? the Knight Industries Two Thousand, or the Knight Industries Three Thousand?

The two hour “backdoor pilot” will be shown on NBC on February 17th, 2008

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