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This is a good look


This may not look amazing to you, but it is a beautiful sight to me. Its the Lakers starters taking it easy during the 4th quarter of the game last night, won by the Lakeshow 109-80. This is another win on the road, which improves their current record to 23-11 on the season. No one is making a whole lot of noise yet, because as you remember, last year started off at 26-13, before a whole bunch of injuries turned what was a promising into what became trade demands by KB24 during the summer. Let’s keep it quiet but the Lakers are really effing good, and the schedule is looking pretty good through next week. If they can split the Texas trip, and hold the fort down at home, we are looking at 30+ wins going into the mother of all road trips. I definitely like how things are shaping up though, and it looks like Andrew will be getting a pretty nice contract extension this summer.

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