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If you don’t recognize these guys, hopefully you soon will at least get a taste of their show on network TV. According to one of the trades a pilot will be shot in Los Angeles for the American version of Top Gear. I guess this guy Craig Plestis, who oversees alternative programming for NBC, is a fan and he says:

“It all comes down to subject matter — it’s a cool show about cars,” he tells The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s very compelling for us because we have a great platform and space on the network to have such a show.”

Wow, if it could only be so easy. Shouldn’t it always be like this for TV. Hopefully we get some guys who really know cars, and can be really entertaining like these British guys, because they alongside with the cars they showcased of course, were the lifeblood of the show. Apparently they were considered to host the American version too, but the producers decided to go with some home grown folks. I am okay with that, but lets just hope that we don’t get stuck with another Ty Pennington.

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