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Apparently the WNBA is doing pretty well these days. I don’t know anyone who watches, or even goes to these games, but according to their numbers 2007 was their most successful season to date. In 2007 the WNBA set attendance records for the playoffs (216,863 fans at 21 games) and the finals (74,178 at five games). The regular-season attendance grew by 2 percent in 2007, and was highlighted by a new eight-year television agreement with ESPN, which extends the league’s relationship with the network to 20 seasons.  The league and its players union have agreed to a new CBA which includes player salary raises and a shared revenue component among its teams. They aren’t making NBA money yet, but its still better than working at the local Applebee’s. Plus, most of the players can make some serious guape going oversees like Diana Tuarasi and Sue Bird.  Reading a story like that, I can see why Candace Parker is talking about being the first female player to go hardship! and she can ball forreals.

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  1. January 30, 2008 at 2:16 pm

    Thanks for the honest words of recognition. Been a fan/season subscriber in NY since 97, and love the game. It’s been great to see the overall quality improve (remember, women’s basketball was all but wiped out in the mid-thirties. Imagine if boys had been told they couldn’t play because it was unhealthy for’em). I also love the short US season — every game has playoff implications. In the NBA, you wait until the fourth quarter and/or the semis before anything of import happens.
    It’s a niche sport — and that is mighty fine by me, ’cause it’s MY niche sport. 🙂

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