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Clinton(Hillary) Just got closer


Well today, John Edwards is going to fallback and tap out of the race for the Democratic presidential nomination. Mr. Edwards will make his announcement at a speech in New Orleans this afternoon. A spokesman said Edwards would not endorse another candidate today, but that he might in the future. It is kind of unclear who will benefit the most from this yet, but I actually think this helps the Clinton’s. The timing is good for Hillary because interestingly enough she has performed better in the debates, but it can be good for Obama because most of Mr. Edwards votes came int eh form of white males, a group that Obama reaches and who tend to vote for him in other areas than the south. Either way this Thursdays debate is going to be monumental to their causes before super Tuesday. If you ask me, they need to be on the same ticket anyway, Hillary for president, Obama as VP. She and Billy can run this thing for a few years while the heir apparent Obama is getting on the job training, whats wrong with that plan?

BTW, here is a cool little blurb about where Obama lived in the ’80’s, check it out

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