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Peace Out Shaq


Shaq on the Suns? That’s the rumor out there, even to the point that they say he was calling his new teammates saying how excited he is about the possibly to play with D’Antoni and the boys. Woooow. For all of you keeping tabs, this will be Shaq’s fourth team. There are rumors of a deteriorating relationship with coach Riley. Hmmmm. First it was Penny, then Kobe, then Phil and Buss, then he ran SVG out of Miami, and now Riles. I love it! This seems like a panic move to me by Phoenix as a result of the Gasol trade. But as history shows a motivated Shaq is something, but uh yeah… I don’t think that his game messes that well with the Suns. We will see i guess. This is a great move by Miami though, they get the Matrix and they get Shaq’s money off the books. Now it looks like $50m for 2.5 years and they got a chip out of it, not so bad actually… Now they have a ton of money next year to resign trix and get another piece. This isn’t official yet, but they say that all Phoenix has to do is say yes.

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