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I Like Your Style


Yesterday pitchers and catchers reported for the Met’s down in Port St. Lucie, and once there was a camera and mic in Pedro Martinezs’ face he threw one high and tight, maybe a shot at Roger Clemens whom he took the mantle from in Boston. Asked about how he felt about the whole steroids thing, the 3 time Cy Young award winner is quoted as saying:

“I dominated that era and I did it clean… I can stand by my numbers and I can be proud of them.”

When asked about HGH, he added this gem,

“I have a small frame and when I hurt all I could do was take a couple of Aleve or Advil, a cup of coffee and a little mango and an egg — and let it go!”

I love it! At 5′ 11″ and about a buck sixty soaking wet, Pedro could throw his as off. He was a beast, look at the stats. He  brought some serious excitement to the game too, I can only remember watching all of those Red Sox games when he was on a roll and all the Dominican’s would be in the cheap seats with flags and k signs cheering him to great things. Fun times, we may not see anything like it for a while.

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    December 31, 2008 at 11:46 pm

    fine u ?

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