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Kobe is hurting too…


So Kobe has a torn ligament in his right hand suffered back on February 5th against the Nets. He took another examination from a hand specialist who recommended surgery. What! Dammit, not another Laker going down to injury, but Kobe sees the same thing that we all see, he is hoping the same thing I am hoping,

Said Bryant: “My current thinking is to give my finger some treatment and rest for a few days and hope I can still continue to compete at a high level after that rest. I would prefer to delay any surgical procedure until after our Lakers season, and this summer’s Olympic Games. But this is an injury that myself and the Lakers’ medical staff will just have to continue to monitor on a day-to-day basis.”

But the Association isn’t trying to give him the time off, they have replace him in the 3 point shoot out with the Diggler, but he still has to play in the game. They don’t give injury exceptions, especially when you play in the game leading up to the all star break and are planning on playing in the game right after the break. I think we will be good though, Kobe has played with a bum shoulder, a bum knee, he should be alright. Lets just hope that this doesn’t get any worse. Because even though with surgery he would only be out six weeks, we know that with the squad they have now, and with Shaq back in the west, with the Mavs trying to get something started, with the Hornets playing well, and the Spurs the Spurs, the west is going to be fun!

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