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Get Your Popcorn Ready


I haven’t posted anything else today because I cant think of anything else. Tonight is a big game, and a preview of something we will definitely see in the playoffs. The west is tight like gnat booty and I can’t wait to see them duke it out down the stretch and all throughout the postseason. This will be one year where no one will be complaining about first round series going 7 games. Here is a link to the espn.com preview of the game.  If the Lakes win tonight they will be in a tie atop the pacific division. Its between these two teams and San Antone for who comes out of the west this year to take on Detroit. I say tonight will start out like most Laker games in Phoenix; the suns will get out to a large lead, the Lakers will crawl back into it toward half time, and then start out the third well. It’ll be a close game throughout the second half and it’ll come down to the last 4 or 5 minutes. But here is the thing, the Lakes are without their starting center, and this is Shaqs’ first game as a sun, this game is absolutely meaningless, but it’ll means so much. I can’t wait! Lets hope Shaq can still play, because that means we will be seeing a lot of Lakers and Suns games on ABC and TNT in the foreseeable future

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