Sorry Mike!


Peace Out to Neverland Ranch. It’s looking like the housing crisis is fucking with everyone…. Even the King Of Pop. Mike’s problems are a little bit bigger than a bad sub prime loan, but his spot Neverland has been foreclosed on! Mike has an outstanding balance of a little more than $24.5m and if its not paid by March 19th his pad, Neverland Ranch, is going to be sold to the highest bidder on the courthouse steps. Dag, that’s serious. We need some kind of investigative reporter to get to the bottom of this whole Mike Jackson thing. And not some bootleg journalist who is trying to become popular by taking advantage of Mike, but someone who spends about 3 years researching all things Micheal Jackson and figures out what the hell is going on with him. I want some Enron level investigation into my guy. It seems like he is just gotten to the point where he is the inept CEO of a major corporation only he cant be fired. This man has sold a ton of records, literally, 500m+ at last count, and he is forever in financial peril. Is he of the mindset of “fuggit, I want my last check to bounce?” Does he not just give a fug, or is he simply overwhelmed and helpless now to all of the people taking advantage of him. It is just a sad sad story.

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