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Thoughts from Mark Cuban

Say what you want about Mark Cuban, but the guy is smart as hell. And come to think about it, if I owned an NBA team and paid a couple hundred million a year in operating cost (and $8m+ to Erick Dampier) I would be behind the bench yelling and staring down people too! Anyways, here are his thoughts on raising the age limit for guys playing in the NBA. He bases it on maturity levels of a 22 year old versus a 19 year old, which makes a ton of sense.  I echo every thing he says and this is an argument  I have had many times with my boy Justin, who stands by the theory of, “if you can go to war at 18, why can’t you play in the NBA?” … Long story short, the NBA is a private company, they can have any stipulations they want, especially if the union goes along with it. What do you think?

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