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90210 blow by blow

My excitement is palpable!!!

Nice! Start off with a little bit of viva la vida, i”ll take that

8.00p ummm, ok that was funny… Andrea Zuckermans daughter… did you get the joke, “what is she like 30 years old?

8.05 its going to be difficult seeing tristan wilds aka dude from the wire, as the west beverly transplant

8.06 bj, already… im going to like this.

8.08 really attractive cast, but the show is already so over the top: sex drugs and money in the first 8 minutes.. i dont know if im going to be able to hold on for the entire ride

8.09 i see that darren star is a creator of this show… thats crazy when you think about it. he did this, melrose place, and sex and the city. talk about paid for life, each one of those shows will run in syndication for the rest of eternity. good for him.

8.12, i like this silver character, she is hott. a brunette with light eyes, im a sucker every time… whoa, kellys sister, so that means she is a silver from the david silver family, niiiice… may we see my boy bag?

8.14, NAT!!! may we be seeing a little bit of ppad?

8.16 Black guy in a fight already… at least we have some color in the show…

8.24 Dan Tanas reference,

8.26 gratuitous shot of hollywood blvd

8.27 T-mobile, lovely product placement

8.28 LA kids in the club, i like that, its true to life around here… i know many… even though the show is super over the top, its kindof accurate so far.

8.30 chick is gonna steal money out of the other rich girls purse so that she can pay for her pill habit… kindof silly

8.34 silvers blog gets half a million hits… wtf!

8.36 i dont know about the writing on this one… they shouldve hired amy sherman palladino, we could use some gilmore girls banter

8.39 NICE OUTFIT!!! i knew from the moment she was on nip tuck, she was going to be a good choice, i might have to rewind the dvr and fuck up my timing on everything

8.40 i was talking to my boy about this and the irony is that… c’mon now, how could these kids come from kansas and in a week be all in the mix like this.. that shit does not happen, it just doesnt

8.48 where is brenda walsh?

8.50 i want to be at the 90210 premiere party right now

8.52 greatest commercial ever

8.54 Annie snuck out… of course

8.55 is that Boulevard 3?

8.56 Rob Estes is all over 90210 by the way.. twice and he was all over Melrose Place too, two different characters and now he is on this one too

8.57 Love child numero dos!!!!

8.58 who’s cell phone doesnt have the reply phone number? what a way to find out that your boyfriend is cheating on you… that kindof sucks

9.00 santa monica pier… she just asked is it like this every day… and the answer is yes… Welcome to California!

9.00 is this is what high school is supposed to be like… i mean, i went to private school and i had a really good time, but it was never like this

9.01, who kid is that Kelly is holding? is it dylans or brandons?

9.02, i dont know if laury laughlin is still getting it done or not

9.03 wow… so he just told his wife that he has a baby momma and she isnt really buggin out…

9.05, life is different these days i guess, ive got a lil brother that is just finishing up his first week in college… i dont even want to talk about what he is getting into .. it wasnt like that at dear old morehouse for me… i thank blame mtv

9.07 i think im going to like this show actually…

9.08 the new sushi roll at koi.. that was funny, if koi was still hott

9.09 nice tattoo

9.11 the cure for a break up is a hook up… write that down!

9.12 im going to start carrying my mac around with me and blogging 24/7

9.13 nice slap!

90210 mutha fugga!

9.20 why is he wearing white shoes?

9.20 blue bentley, c’mon now… 16 year olds dont want to push those… trust me, i know! they drive 3some series

9.20 grandma stays hammered!

9.21 3rd street promenade

9.21 he just pulled the dylan… he did the fly to mexico for juevos rancheros thing… c’mon now, lets get new shit guys! i coulve written this, no really i couldve

9.27 i dont care what anyone says, Jennie Garth is still getting it done

9.28, its about fucking time.. here comes brenda walsh.. man she need needs to stay off the cigs.. and she isnt that good of an actress … but they are at the peach pit, i love it!

9.37 she keeps rocking the white pants, i happen to like that

9.38 why is he wearing socks in the pool? ok thats just the light

9.46 i love auditions

9.47 that was a fast 2 hours

9.49 i think i really like this silver girl, no really, there is something about her that reminds me of me…

9.51 LA chicks… born in the 80’s weigh in the 90’s.. man on man, there is something special about them isnt there?

9.55 i like brnda walsh here… she has a certain, i dont know.. familiarity to her… “dont worry, i”ll be here for a while”… nice line

9.57 This aint Kansas No More!

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