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The Entourage boys are Back

Entourage is back for a full season starting Sunday night on HBO… and this season looks like it’ll be pretty good; Johnny Drama has blown up from his hit TV show, he’s got an Aston Martin a Viking Quest video game, and Vince is struggling for good roles after Aquaman and the bomb that was Medellin.

Wikipedia  My sources tell me that, “Season Five also promises Johnny Drama a hit show, a break-up and a daytime meltdown on “The View.” You know there will be a ton of cameos, a ton of hot women, and more of that inside the life of a Hollywood superstar action. I can’t wait! and for your viewing pleasure… some of the ladies that have been introduced to us from the show … Sloane, Tori, Dana

  Emmanuelle Chriqui

 Malin Akerman

  Constance Zimmer

  1. September 9, 2010 at 11:20 pm

    a Emmanuelle é uma morena gostosa, gata e tem peitões deliciosos! a Malin é uma loira fenomenal! e ainda apaece nua no filme Watchmen! e a Constance eu não conheço mas parece ser bem boa também!!

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