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Return of the Boys… the Maserat? really?!!


Episode 1 … Ive got the east coast feed….

Great first episode for Vinnie and the boys…. the opening scene is of Medellin getting an absolutely aweful review, but we knew that was coming given the reception at Cannes. The movie is bad… so bad, that it turns out it is going straight to dvd.

On a side note as we see E and Drama at the casa shooting the ish …  why do these cats still live together? This is something that I have never figured out.

Even as we are getting the feeling that the horrible review is all over the place, and Vince is on his way to being the next Jared Leto, we come to see that Vince and Turtle are hiding away in Mexico living the high life for 79 bucks a day, and they couldn’t care less about the state of his career.

:::: They have stepped up the production budget this year, big time ::::

This is how a Mexico vacation should be. The last time I was on a Mexican vacation, i realized my girlfriend pretty much hated me and i spent the middle day and a half of a week long trip on the pot evacuating my colon due to the chicharron i bought from some dude named Pedro pushing a cart on the beach. ummmm, anyways…

More...Ari is in full effing swing 5 minutes into the show. ::: Classic scene alert ::: he is reading the latest TPS report from one of his many minions and he is so disgusted with it that while on the phone with E he drops by the dudes office and throws the folder in his face! Awesome, I want to be Ari next time around.

So i guess that E’s company is growing, errr, E’s company has a 60 year old receptionist and one other client Lil Bow Wow, it looks like this means he will be around for a few episodes. i guess I’m OK with that.

Ari goes Cat Stephens reference, calls E’s assistant Bea Arthur and he has already threatened to fire Lloyd… Ari is on fire – Speaking of Ari, E is like mini Ari right now, to the point that its almost comical, I’m certain that is the intent. It has to be because E’s suit doesn’t even fit.

After some E/Ari banter they head to Mexico together to “rescue” Vince from himself because he seems intent on screwing as many 20something latinas as he can up the rest of his career. It pretty much looks like shangri-la though, because even Turtle is pulling a prime POA

Long story short, E convinces V to come back to the real world for his benefit; V has a meeting with producer; and it turns out that it was all BS because the offer for a big time comeback role was a ploy by the producer to get Emile Hirsch, and his agent Adam Davies to commit to the flick at a lower quote.

Davies, Ari, VInce, and E all feel effed and they will be looking for revenge. Revenge comes in the form of a 5-Iron in the producers windshield. Awesome view by the way.

Entourage is back and back in a big way here this season … I like it!

I’ve seen episode 2 by the way, and this is going to be a great 11 episodes!

hint spoiler hint – The virgin Justine Chapin is back annnnd Tony Bennett is no actor

I love this show … every time I see it, i feel like i need to hop in my car and go do some Hollywood shit! It should be longer than 30m, but not an hour, i say 45m would be perfect. I can’t wait until next week!

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