New Jordans


New Jays are hot… there is a lot to these new sneaks so head over to Darren Rovell to read the full interview, here is a little about them:

The shoe was designed by Chicago native Jason Mayden, not the usual Tinker Hatfield. It features a chassis that’s meant to mimic blown glass, which means that each shoe is technically different in its pattern. The pleats in the shoe are really a nice touch. Shoe designers can learn from the simplicity of this, instead of the hodgepodge garbage we’ve seen of recent.


The majority of basketball shoes being sold today are Jordans. How is the brand so dominant?:

“We’ve been here for 23 years and each year we try to ask ourselves the same question and that is ‘how have we gotten to this point?’ And every time we come up with this answer that we’ve put so much energy, in terms of trying to build the best product. In doing that, we try to also create a certain style that’s different than anybody else and somehow we’ve always been able to connect to the consumer, to the athlete, to the little kids. This (Jordan brand) team is a lot bigger and each and every day our dedication is trying to build the best product, trying to relate to the consumers, building something that is totally special and unique. Obviously my legacy was when I played the game of basketball. I haven’t played since 1998 — we forgot about Washington D.C. (laughing) — and for whatever reason, we’ve been able to maintain that focus with our consumer with that business within the business. I think a lot of that credit goes to people that are on the podium and all the people back at Nike and in the Jordan brand for that diligent effort to continue to connect.”

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