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Ask Men’s Top 99

February 4, 2008 Leave a comment

And the winner is…. Katherine Heigl? She is the most desirable woman of 2008 according to the askmen readers? Wow, that is pretty disturbing right there. She is cute and all, but no, I don’t desire her. Your top ten is as follows:

1.katherineheigl1.jpg Katherine Heigl

2.alessandraambrosio2.jpg Alessandro Ambrosio

3.katebeckinsdale3.jpg Kate Beckinsale

4.eva4.jpg Eva Mendes

5.jalba5.jpg Jessica Alba

6.scarlett6.jpg Scarlett Johansson

7.jessbiel7.jpg Jessica Biel

8.rihanna8.jpg Rihanna

9.marissamiller9.jpg Marissa Miller

10.adrianalima10.jpg Adriana Lima

List courtesy of top 99. I have to disagree guys, the top five should be these five, in no particular order:

meagan-fox.jpg Meagan Fox

rihanna81.jpg Rihanna

cassie.jpg Cassie

eva41.jpg Eva

jalba51.jpg Jessica Alba

Notables and girls you need to know:

Who are they … Jessica Chobot 88, Reon Kadena 50, Bianca Beauchamp 31

Still getting it done … Alyssa Milano 80, Padma 66, Nelly Furtado 64

Young and coming on … Maggie Q 17, Vanessa Hudgens 61, Cassie 62?,

Hitting their stride … A Keys 30, Natalie Portman 15, Emmanuelle Chriqui 40, Malin Akerman 60

Honestly who really cares about the rankings, i just like the pictures, good times!


Marko is my new hero!

December 1, 2007 4 comments


I have figured out who my write in vote for the NBA All Star Game is going to be. Word around the campfire is that Marko is now dating Victoria Secrets supermodel Adriana Lima! Just about everyone was saying his problem in LA was that he was spending too much time courting the ladies and not enough on the basketball court practicing, but apparently that shit has paid off big time according to what he is saying here. It is common knowledge that Adriana is the worlds most ridiculously hot famous virgin, so its looking like he will have just about as much chance as hittin’ that as he did a late game jump-shot, but who cares? i would stick around for this one… Anyways, this is as good a reason as any to post many many pictures of Adriana. peeez!