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Nice Kicks!

February 12, 2008 1 comment


These joints are hot. Nike and the AF1’s have the market cornered. These joints are like the 2000 Honda Civics of sneakers. Check out this cats myspace page and check out all of the other 1’s that he has customized. His shit is sick. Here are a couple of my faves:


af1ill1.jpg af1tremem5.jpgaf1fleetwalker3.jpgaf1fleetwalker.jpg

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This Guy is Awesome, but I don’t know who he is…

January 15, 2008 Leave a comment

Check out this fresh ad for Nike Air Force 1’s. Apparently they needs commercials for the AF1’s in Australia, which doesnt make a whole lot of sense, but whatever… it lets amazing directors like Chris Riggert come up with a crazy ad.

If you get a chance to this link for and check out some other folks work…. These cats are off teh hook, I like the third commercial by Chris.