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December 9, 2007 Leave a comment


Woooow!!! Gilbert Arenas is making it rain on them hoes in his latest blog entry. He has definitely broken the unwritten rule of speaking about someone else’s money, but at least these cats aren’t actually on his same team. There are going to be some haters out there, but stuff like this is funny, and true! For example, Gil speaking on the Emeka Okafor contract situation:

“…he turned down $12 million, Okafor said he wants Dwight Howard’s money … I mean, you ain’t Dwight Howard.”

and on a story an assistant coach told him about Andre Iguodala:

“…When he was in Arizona, he said he was like 9-for-11 from the field and he apologized to the team for shooting 11 shots. From that day on, I just called him Scottie Pippen. He’s a Scottie Pippen type of player. A great, overall player. He’s your glue player. You need a superstar and then you need him. So $12 million is good for you. Nothing more and nothing less. Be happy with the $12 million.”

the best part about it is that he is speaking nothing but the truth, and he can do that because he has been there. Remember when he came out as a second rounder and was a free agent after his second season. He had to settle for a little bit more than a mid level deal, then he played his ass off and got paid. He probably has one maybe two extensions left and he is going to get skrilled up. He put people in seats, and he drop 25 a game. I am all for one getting all the paper that they can get, but you don’t want to be unreasonable. It like these dudes are always worried about what other cats are making. I don’t know if we can blame the agents for this totally because a lot most of the time, the athletes that are hella good, believe that they are better than they really are. Its just interesting to finally hear it from on of them. Hopefully he doesn’t take too much flack for this, but we know that he will.


and we will give Chuck the last word because he is dropping knowledge, like always:

“… max players put people in them seats. If you’re not putting people in them seats, you are not a max player.”

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