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Implants + Pregnancy = Damn!

February 6, 2008 Leave a comment


Christina was at a West Hollywood Best Buy the other day signing autographs and promoting her latest DVD. Ummm, West Ho, no wonder I didn’t know about this. Anyways, she is stacked right now… damn, I never was a big fan of the whole pregnancy thing but damn, her, Halle, J Alba… pregnancy does wonders. I don’t like the mommy Christina as much as I like the Dirrty! Xtina, but she is looking kindof right these days if you ask me. some throwback Xtina pics

caguilera21.jpg caguilera4.jpgcaguilera3.jpgcaguilera5.jpg

Much like the whole Prince vs. Mike Jackson contest… I think Christina won this one with Brit. Underdogs unite!

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