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Its Gonna be a Live Nation…

August 26, 2008 Leave a comment

So I like where Live Nation is going with this, follow my logic… Sign Huge acts to total package deals and then have them tour in your buildings and make all the money back with shows and live recordings.

I figure all this because Jay Z is going to open up the renovated Hollywood Palladium in September. Originally the place was opened by Frank Sinatra, and the renovated building will be opened by Jig. I Love it! LA shows are always good, because you can get mad guest appearances… Everyone lives in LA! I can see a lot of really big shows here soon, given the roster that Live Nation is putting together.


Linkstuff, and the Lakers are killin’ it right now!

February 24, 2008 1 comment


The ‘Chip is definitely within reach these days… If you have watched the Lakers play, and seen the other contenders out there, the Purple and Gold have a really good shot at winning it all this year! They are currently in first place, they have a seven game winning streak going, and their starting center is about three weeks away from coming back, and they have a relatively easy schedule to finish out the year. This is looking better and better.

Great story in SI about dunkers and their first dunks. Lebron, ‘Nique, Baron Davis, and Henry Bekkering. If you don’t know who HB is, you are slippin’, PeeP:

This is really good news for all of us The Wire fans, basically David Simon the creator of the Wire has been working on a show about New Orleans, he actually started before Katrina and has been working on the pilot for a few years. This show will be awesome, I can already see it, plus in this interview with the Times, Dominic West says they are talking about a Wire movie. I’m excited.

For all of us BMW fans, here is something special: At the Geneva ’08 Car show, they unveiled full unrestricted in car Internet access, I like it.

This could be bad for Vegas and all of us who like to shoot out there for the weekend. IRS agents raided Pure Management Groups offices, Uh Oh!

Tiger Woods crushes another opponent in match play. This could be a really bad year for the players on tour. Financially they are all going to be fine, but they wont be winning too many tournaments that he is playing in. 8 and , jeez, that is over 36 holes but he was 4-up after the first 18.

Raul officially takes over for Fidel in Cuba.

Super Tuesday, Well… My Super Tuesday at least

February 5, 2008 3 comments


I’m not too worried about the voting for Hillary or Obama, because they will end up on the same ticket anyways, so I will tell you what I will be following closely tonight. Yeop you guessed it, Pau and how he fits in with the Lake Show 08. I can barely contain my excitement. No really, I am fired up for this game at New Jersey tonight. The Lakers have started this road trip out nicely at 2up and 1down , giving a game away in Detroit; and Pau Gasol has started his Laker life off good being quoted as saying:

“Obviously, I consider Kobe to be the best player in the league. I respect him a lot. It’s something that motivates me a lot and I think it’s going to help my game also.”

I love it! If you were watching, Kobe even brought the wings back out in Washington, after a nice finish! These next six games are winnable, but I think a 4-2 looks about right here. That’s a game or two getting acclimated, and Playing at Charlotte has always been difficult and Orlando plays pretty good at home.

This is Really Good News…

February 1, 2008 Leave a comment


The Lakers have gotten rid of the expiring contract of Kwame Brown and traded him for Pau Gasol formerly of the Memphis Grizzlies. Wow, the D might not be at the level that it was but the O is about to be craaaaazy! If we can get him playing the 4 when Andrew gets back, oh my gawd. Think about that. When healthy this is the starting five: DFish, Kobe, Lamar,Pau, Andrew and then you have Ronny,Luke,Trevor Ariza and Sasha and Jordan coming off the bench. Claude have mercy. We can now officially start talking about ‘chips again!



December 11, 2007 Leave a comment


What the hell is Omarion thinking right there? Damn!

Jay Z is going to be running Las Vegas for a weekend … link right here… and he speak on his tenure at def jam here

Some funny shit here on youtube, Kenny Smith has his jersey retired on Inside the NBA Overtime, linked here

Peter Vesczey writes an interesting piece on Jamal Tinsley here at NY Post

I used to be mad at AI for causing the whole bad hair trend in the NBA.Don’t get me wrong his were fly at first, but then everyone started wearing them. Just like me with the dreads, but then i cut them off. anyways, you can’t help but love his take on the “athletes as targets” trend right now. Some great perspective from the Answer here

Jose Calderon from the Toronto Raptors has a blog and its pretty good take a look here

Los Angeles is considering limiting the size of houses being built. Just trust me this is a good thing. Where I live its getting out of hand. I guess its fine if these houses are in Bel Air and Brentwood, areas that have the space, but when they are in Sherman Oaks and Studio City… its not good!

A nice piece on the George Mitchell Barry Bonds witch-hunt steroids investigation. Check it out here

A great take on the biggest issue in hollywood, the writers strike. Read on here. I have wondered out loud why someone with deep pockets like Mark Cuban hasn’t been snapping up these guys by the boatload with production deals.

I Like to Eat…

December 3, 2007 Leave a comment


I like to eat, and I like Eva Longoria, so I think sometime in January I will be heading to the corner of Ivar and Hollywood BLVD, for something new. In early January of 2008, Eva will be bringing some of her hometown recipes to the masses and along with some help from Todd English, Beso will be open. Hopefully the food is better than that of another famous latina’s restaurant

Anyways this announcement is reason enough for me to post pictures of Eva




there are a couple there with frenchie because this is a “basketball” site.

If Beso isn’t good, thats no problem, I can just keep going here