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Warren Buffett’s Home

March 6, 2008 2 comments


This is the house owned by the worlds richest man. Warren Buffett investor supreme has lived in this house since 1958, according to the slide show of homes of some of the worlds billionaires compiled by He has taken over the top spot held by Bill Gates for the last 13 years, because of the Microsoft bid for Yahoo last month. I don’t think Bill will be getting worried anytime soon given that he is still worth close to $60b ranking third at $58b. Second on the list is the Mexico monopolist Carlos Slim Helu at $60b. The rest of the top ten looks like this:

1 Warren Buffett United States (residence) 77 (age) $62.0b
2 Carlos Slim Helu & family Mexico 68 60.0
3 William Gates III United States 52 58.0
4 Lakshmi Mittal India 57 45.0
5 Mukesh Ambani India 50 43.0
6 Anil Ambani India 48 42.0
7 Ingvar Kamprad & family Sweden 81 31.0
8 KP Singh India 76 30.0
9 Oleg Deripaska Russia 40 28.0
10 Karl Albrecht Germany 88 27.0

List and coverage taken courtesy of there is a ton of stuff there, America’s richest, Celebrity money, athlete’s.. fun times.