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Ummm, What! If you don’t want that $11m, let me hold it

February 5, 2008 Leave a comment


Recognize this guy? Well, his name is Dr. Ryuta Kawashima, and he is the creator of the worldwide sensation game Brain Age. He also is the guy who has turned down about $11m royalties from sales of that game. What! Yeop. With his contract with his employer, he is entitled to half of the proceeds with the rest going to the University he works for, but he would rather live on his $100k a year salary. What an awesome dad! He limits his kids to one hour a week for video games, on Saturday. Sweet! He doesn’t believe in making learning fun either, he says:

“Having fun is not studying. Making them study is not to entertain children but to pressure them to make efforts. People fall to lower and lower places unless they are driven to go higher.”

I really like this guy actually, i mean he is a moron for not cashing in on his creation, but other than that he is a stand up guy. We need more parents like him. Read all about him and this story here

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