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I Wanna Be A Rapper…

August 18, 2008 1 comment

…or a producer, or hip hopper, or whatever we they’re calling themselves these days. Forbes compiled it annual list of the biggest earners, or Kash Kings and they call it, and its a pretty impressive list. No real newcomers this years, but its a who’s who of the rap game.  Fif, JAy, ‘Ye, Dre, Em, Pharrell and the other usuals… Its crazy to think that when I was a shorty my pops would tell me that its just temporary and no one will be listening to rap music 20 years from now… well its 15 years a few years later and “rap” music is selling everything from Kotex to Crunk. From television and movies, to computers and iphones to everything sports related, the urban music scene is up and down Madison Avenue. Trend setters, moguls of all mediums, and even philanthropy and political activism, i love it!

a little more fun too! the hip hop homes for sale, you know if you have a loose $6-15m hanging around in your couch!


Ummm… Really, Who Cares

January 15, 2008 Leave a comment



So they are saying that a lot of rappers and entertainers are taking steroids these days… ummm OK, so what!!! Trust me, almost all of them are taking something. How do you think Brad Pitt got “in shape” for Fight Club, or Will Smith in Ali, or Ed Norton in American History X, or Gerard in 300, or Brad in Alexander. Let’s not even start with all these ladies taking clenbuterol and those types of drugs trying to lose weight. Whatever, I don’t care, because it is entertainment. This is as big a non story as I’ve read in months.


January 10, 2008 Leave a comment



I never have even considered paying close to $400 for some headphones, but now I may have to think about it…

Introducing Beats by Dr. Dre. If you have ever been to a car show, you know that Monster Cable knows a little something about making shit sound good, and now there is this Beats by Dr. Dre thing. BBDD are a new line of high quality over the ear headphones that bring the professional producer’s experience to the to the listener. The Beats design was developed as a close collaboration between Dr. Dre, Monster Cable, and renowned industrial designer Robert Brunner. Powerful, dynamic and ultra clear they are supposed to reproduce low bass notes like no others.

In development for over two years, the result is remarkably natural sound and incredible transient response with rich, deep bass. These look hella fly. There is a wide adjustable headband, unique hinged ear cups, a high-quality Monster Cable, and a push-to-listen Mute button and folding design adds to the flexibility and convenience. It’ll be like we are in the studio!


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