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New Jordans

January 8, 2009 Leave a comment


New Jays are hot… there is a lot to these new sneaks so head over to Darren Rovell to read the full interview, here is a little about them:

The shoe was designed by Chicago native Jason Mayden, not the usual Tinker Hatfield. It features a chassis that’s meant to mimic blown glass, which means that each shoe is technically different in its pattern. The pleats in the shoe are really a nice touch. Shoe designers can learn from the simplicity of this, instead of the hodgepodge garbage we’ve seen of recent. Read more…


Ummm, What! If you don’t want that $11m, let me hold it

February 5, 2008 Leave a comment


Recognize this guy? Well, his name is Dr. Ryuta Kawashima, and he is the creator of the worldwide sensation game Brain Age. He also is the guy who has turned down about $11m royalties from sales of that game. What! Yeop. With his contract with his employer, he is entitled to half of the proceeds with the rest going to the University he works for, but he would rather live on his $100k a year salary. What an awesome dad! He limits his kids to one hour a week for video games, on Saturday. Sweet! He doesn’t believe in making learning fun either, he says:

“Having fun is not studying. Making them study is not to entertain children but to pressure them to make efforts. People fall to lower and lower places unless they are driven to go higher.”

I really like this guy actually, i mean he is a moron for not cashing in on his creation, but other than that he is a stand up guy. We need more parents like him. Read all about him and this story here

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Ummm OK, Wow!

January 30, 2008 Leave a comment


Wow, so this is a marijuana vending machine. Its inventor and owner Vincent Mehdizadeh spent seven months to develop and patent the black, armored box, which he calls the “PVM,” or prescription vending machine. This is outstanding, if i was him i would find a way to attach an ATM cash machine too. Read up on it here, he has put a lot of work and thought into this and their are already two that have been functioning for months. These are for medical purposes though, so its not like there will be one installed at 7-11 because you would need a prescription, and i.d., and go through some fingerprint verification against the database. The Feds obviously aren’t happy about this, but the people have a strong voice, especially for the next eight years. Even still…  70’s, partly cloudy, and marijuana vending machines.. you gotta love California!

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Ummm OK

January 30, 2008 Leave a comment


That is an artist rendering of Antilia, what is going to be the business center slash private residence of India’s richest person, business tycoon Mukesh Ambani. Ambani plans to house both his business and his family in the Antilia structure on 27 floors. Included will be six levels of parking with 168 parking spaces, four floors of livable space, a movie theater, two “health” floors complete with a gym and swimming pool, a couple of two story apartments for guest, and three helipads. Plus its looking like this is pretty much going to be a green building too. This is actually going to be quite a structure when its done. The building when it is complete will be serviced by 600 full time staffers. I think Ambani will be taking the no.1 spot in the, Most Expensive Cribs Edition on MTV since the total bill for this is going to be about $1b. The beauty of it is that his business will be right downstairs, so he really wont ever be late for work either.

Mumbai News ABC News Architectural Record

this is going to be his house people, his house!


A great story in Portfolio about the rich vs. poor dichotomy in India and how possibly this is stepping a little bit too far.

Apple MacWorld News

January 15, 2008 Leave a comment


Ummm, I would be smiling too if I was Steve Jobs. Jeez leweeze, is it really this easy? It seems as if Apple has it figured out. Apple and SJ never fail, its as if he says, “Look, this is what we need to be able to do, make it happen.” At his keynote address today SJ unveiled the newest version of AppleTv with a movie rental function that can be completely handled on your TV, and NOT the computer. And the best part to this, is that the Studios are in on this. Word is that their will be more than 1000 titles available. Its not like this is a new idea, Microsoft has wanted to do this media center type of thing forever but for some reason they cant get it to work, and they cant get the same type of splash that Apple does. Also introduced, the MacBook Air, the worlds thinnest laptop. Sweet!