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this is what I do

August 28, 2008 Leave a comment

I find links/pictures/hot shit and give it to you. There is only one thing wrong with Marissa MIller… is that she is not in my bedroom right now! Here are more and here is the link


Tuesday Links

August 26, 2008 1 comment

I don’t know if you know it but Team USA won the gold medal in men’s basketball.

They are not the Dream Team, lets just stop calling ANY team that. In case you missed it here is a good program called Road To Redemption that aired on espn. You can get the stream here; they should make it available for purchase, I would like to have this

I love Microsoft and all but this is a really bad idea. Wi-Fi in cars!!! Great idea in theory but the execution , i just don’t know about. How about they work on getting voice recognition text messaging. you know what… write that down!

This is sooper obvious, people are getting paid to study shit like that? Beer Goggles do exist

These NBA cats wont be going broke any time soon. At Northwestern university, the High Growth Entrepreneurship Program (HGEP), an MBA-like seminar for players who want to expand their business acumen for life after basketball. My question is, why are there only 7 guys there? Jeez! You think this couldn’t have helped Spree? or Jason Caffey-well maybe not Jason Caffey

funny throwback clip of Harold McCoo

The only thing wrong with Eva Mendes…

August 9, 2008 1 comment

…is that i am not boyfriend-girlfriend with her. That’s it, THAT IS IT. have fun with this banned Calvin Cline ad below… and if you have some free time, check out this link with a nice picture spread from Italian Vogue. I really need to leave America, this is a magazine spread!!! I’m buying anything that she is selling. Period
Eva Mendes Banned TV Commercial

Taking a Stand

March 5, 2008 2 comments

It is rare that athletes take a stand and lend there name to anything political. Kobe does a PSA taking a stand against the genocide going on in Darfur.  We all need to do out part, take a look if you want to be involved with this, its not just about Darfur, there is Katrina, the Tsunami, and so much more to help with, we all owe it to each other. Start here 

Linkstuff, and the Lakers are killin’ it right now!

February 24, 2008 1 comment


The ‘Chip is definitely within reach these days… If you have watched the Lakers play, and seen the other contenders out there, the Purple and Gold have a really good shot at winning it all this year! They are currently in first place, they have a seven game winning streak going, and their starting center is about three weeks away from coming back, and they have a relatively easy schedule to finish out the year. This is looking better and better.

Great story in SI about dunkers and their first dunks. Lebron, ‘Nique, Baron Davis, and Henry Bekkering. If you don’t know who HB is, you are slippin’, PeeP:

This is really good news for all of us The Wire fans, basically David Simon the creator of the Wire has been working on a show about New Orleans, he actually started before Katrina and has been working on the pilot for a few years. This show will be awesome, I can already see it, plus in this interview with the Times, Dominic West says they are talking about a Wire movie. I’m excited.

For all of us BMW fans, here is something special: At the Geneva ’08 Car show, they unveiled full unrestricted in car Internet access, I like it.

This could be bad for Vegas and all of us who like to shoot out there for the weekend. IRS agents raided Pure Management Groups offices, Uh Oh!

Tiger Woods crushes another opponent in match play. This could be a really bad year for the players on tour. Financially they are all going to be fine, but they wont be winning too many tournaments that he is playing in. 8 and , jeez, that is over 36 holes but he was 4-up after the first 18.

Raul officially takes over for Fidel in Cuba.

Ask Men’s Top 99

February 4, 2008 Leave a comment

And the winner is…. Katherine Heigl? She is the most desirable woman of 2008 according to the askmen readers? Wow, that is pretty disturbing right there. She is cute and all, but no, I don’t desire her. Your top ten is as follows:

1.katherineheigl1.jpg Katherine Heigl

2.alessandraambrosio2.jpg Alessandro Ambrosio

3.katebeckinsdale3.jpg Kate Beckinsale

4.eva4.jpg Eva Mendes

5.jalba5.jpg Jessica Alba

6.scarlett6.jpg Scarlett Johansson

7.jessbiel7.jpg Jessica Biel

8.rihanna8.jpg Rihanna

9.marissamiller9.jpg Marissa Miller

10.adrianalima10.jpg Adriana Lima

List courtesy of top 99. I have to disagree guys, the top five should be these five, in no particular order:

meagan-fox.jpg Meagan Fox

rihanna81.jpg Rihanna

cassie.jpg Cassie

eva41.jpg Eva

jalba51.jpg Jessica Alba

Notables and girls you need to know:

Who are they … Jessica Chobot 88, Reon Kadena 50, Bianca Beauchamp 31

Still getting it done … Alyssa Milano 80, Padma 66, Nelly Furtado 64

Young and coming on … Maggie Q 17, Vanessa Hudgens 61, Cassie 62?,

Hitting their stride … A Keys 30, Natalie Portman 15, Emmanuelle Chriqui 40, Malin Akerman 60

Honestly who really cares about the rankings, i just like the pictures, good times!

Friday Linkstuff

January 26, 2008 Leave a comment


Nice story here in SI about the season the Lakers are having so far and the rejuvenated PJ.

Well the DGA has gotten their deal done, let’s see what the WGA is trying to do. Interesting enough is that I haven’t seen anyone outside of NBC or Warner’s today… Hmmm.

Forbes has done their ranking of the most dangerous destination … Um, yeah, it might be wise to avoid some of these places.

The NBA and Turner have come to an agreement to further their coverage of the league. Good, TNT and Turner has done a great job with the NBA and I used to live in the A, so you may see me down there with resume in hand one of these days.

If you are going to do it, you might as well do it like this… I say go big or go home, so does Jerome Kerviel who found a way to lose a little more than $7.2b on some bad stock market bets and gambling tens of billions dollars of a French banks money… oh boy, this guy is gonna have a rough couple of days coming up. The shittiest part about this is that he didn’t even make any money off these trades… what an idiot!

Go see Rambo… here is the trailer

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