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Just One More reason to Love Mark Cuban

May 12, 2008 Leave a comment

Mark Cuban is far from the old school stuffy, sitting in the owners box type of guy, so this should be of no surprise to anyone. Apparently dude has a “Bunker Suite” inside of his gym, the American Airlines Arena. it has long been known that Dallas is the primo spot for free agents to go because of all the extra amenities that Cuban provides in the locker room.

Each player has a TV and entertainment center in his locker as well as a personalized robe. Things like 360’s and PS2’s in lockers are pretty much standard now, but Cuban was the first to do it. The Cavs have a nice locker room too! I guess you can’t spare any expense when it comes to the king. But you can tell that he went a little extra on his own space, and i like that!

Here are a few pics, more at the links above


Thoughts from Mark Cuban

April 22, 2008 Leave a comment

Say what you want about Mark Cuban, but the guy is smart as hell. And come to think about it, if I owned an NBA team and paid a couple hundred million a year in operating cost (and $8m+ to Erick Dampier) I would be behind the bench yelling and staring down people too! Anyways, here are his thoughts on raising the age limit for guys playing in the NBA. He bases it on maturity levels of a 22 year old versus a 19 year old, which makes a ton of sense.¬† I echo every thing he says and this is an argument¬† I have had many times with my boy Justin, who stands by the theory of, “if you can go to war at 18, why can’t you play in the NBA?” … Long story short, the NBA is a private company, they can have any stipulations they want, especially if the union goes along with it. What do you think?

NBA All Star Weekend and a link or three

February 19, 2008 1 comment


NBA All Star weekend was great! Everything went pretty much spot on, and the Game lived up to being one of the best ever after some early game sloppiness. I was happy that KB24 got only a little bit of burn and got on up out of there. NOLA looks like things are progressing some and things are looking up. Ironically looking at the entire weekend, I am feeling okay about making a trip down there because things are pretty much getting back to normal. there is still a ton of work that needs to be done, still a lot of healing necessary but the city is looking good again and the community is responding. Check out Simmons today, a great article for which I feel the exact same way. So much so that I think I am going to spend my birthday down there this year, forget about Miami.

espn the mag article with MJ as told to Ric Bucher, Mike gives a little bit of perspective on these young cats, and the state of the game and how it is in good hands, as long as these guys stay original and try not to become MJ or MAgic or Larry.

another espn the mag article with the best commissioner in sports today, the great David Stern. Say what you want about the guy but he has taken a sport choc full of brotha’s and made it in to arguably the second leading sport worldwide to futbol.

ok, one more espn the mag article about a problem particular still facing the league which is a major one, that its a league full of black players playing largely to a corporate read white audience, and how the perception, the perception is that basically all nba guys are rappers at heart who just happen to be able to hoop. its an interesting situation and one that needs to be explored and then explored some more.


The only problem I had was the Dwight Howard dunk, or throw in… It wasn’t even a dunk, and they turned the lights out so no-one could see that he didn’t dunk what was that about? Also, how does Shaq feel that DH just jacked his jacked nickname? Shaq even has a tattoo. And he should have lost because he had a superman onesie on.Dwight should have done the kiss the rim dunk right here.. . Its at the 30s mark.

Mark Cuban’s Success and Motivation

December 27, 2007 Leave a comment


I used to not like Mark Cuban because I thought he was some spoiled rich kid who bought a basketball team with some dot com money, and for the most part, he was. But as I began to look at him, and read up on him, I’ve come to find out that he is much more than that. He didn’t just get lucky and get rich in a few months from some jackass idea in his dorm room, but he was a tried and true entrepreneur who learned a business and took advantage of an opportunity with a great plan, and wisely sold out to the highest bidder at the right time. If you haven’t done it already, throw him in google and read a few articles on the guy. The Mavs wont be winning a chip anytime soon, so maybe that is why I like him more now, but Mark seems to have his head on straight. Check out his Success and Motivation series on, its a good read and I like to check back in and read it every once and a while. My favorite quote of his, and me and my guys talk about it all the time is, “you only have to be right once!”

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