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Bape = 15yo

November 12, 2008 1 comment


This is Nigo, creater of one of the of the most influential clothing labels worldwide.  An interview with complex magazine in advance of the 15 year anniversary of BAPE is after the jizzump. Read more…



February 21, 2008 Leave a comment


Its always nice to hear from Skateboard P, so here is a link to an interview with InStyle magazine. A word of advise on his style, he says its simple, his thoughts are these three things: “How I feel, who I am, and where I am going” that makes a lot of sense. I read somewhere that some of his inspiration for his BBC Ice Cream that he created with Nigo is a lot of the stuff that he wanted as a kid but couldn’t afford, or they weren’t making it. Well that’s interesting, because his prices for everything bbc and ic related is effing ridiculous. Lets not even talk about Blason.

BBC Ice Cream Look Book Season 6

December 18, 2007 Leave a comment


The official Billionaires Boys Club LookBook for Season 6 is out. Check it out here in all its glory! The gear is hella fresh, I just can’t see myself dropping the crazy loot like they are talking about. But then again I’m not in the mix either, so I don’t need to. Shout Out! to Chad Hugo though, he is all over the pages here in full effect with the boys from N.E.R.D. Shout out to Pharrell’s for being a beast


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Billionaires Boys Club

November 29, 2007 1 comment

“Wealth is of the heart and mind, not the pocket.”

BBC opening

Phareezie and Nigo opened up their BBC/IC store in NY recently. If you got a couple extra hundred bucks around to spend on some shoes … hollar at your boys. The gear is crazy no doubt, and from the looks of it there are more than a few billionaires millionaires out there rock vans! You can find the gear all over the country through different retailers but this is the Flagship New York store. Check it out if you are in NY.

From what we know about Nigo from all of his Bape locations aka Busy Work Shops, the store is going to be hott check the story out here

and a couple of pics right there


and then a gang of more pictures here at the freshness…

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