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Ummm… Really, Who Cares

January 15, 2008 Leave a comment



So they are saying that a lot of rappers and entertainers are taking steroids these days… ummm OK, so what!!! Trust me, almost all of them are taking something. How do you think Brad Pitt got “in shape” for Fight Club, or Will Smith in Ali, or Ed Norton in American History X, or Gerard in 300, or Brad in Alexander. Let’s not even start with all these ladies taking clenbuterol and those types of drugs trying to lose weight. Whatever, I don’t care, because it is entertainment. This is as big a non story as I’ve read in months.


Everyone in MLB gets an * now

December 13, 2007 Leave a comment


The Mitchell Report is out… and the next few weeks are going to be very interesting. There are names attached obviously, pretty much all that we cared about. And there are some names like Roger Clemens that are just as big as Barry Bonds. I am curios to see if the same venomous statements and admonishing of self that was thrown at BB will be thrown at Roger and Andy Pettitte and the other names on this list. Roger is arguably the best pitcher in the last 50 years, does he potentially get asterisks too? You obviously cant wipe the numbers and records out of the books, because that would basically turned the statistics upside down, all numbers would have to be updated, its a virtual impossibility! What the hell is baseball going to do, I am so fired up.

Here is a link to Mitchell’s recommendations¬†

One quote from Mitchell is potentially disturbing about his suggestions to the commish about punishing the players:

“except in those cases where he determines that the conduct is so serious that discipline is necessary to maintain the integrity of the game.”

That sounds like a clear indication that they still think BB should suffer even more than everyone else. I still don’t understand how he is more culpable than any other player in this era. It is piss-offable. This is why i cannot deal with MLB and can only watch the Yankees.

I hope this really blow up in Baseball’s face. Think about this: what if someone knows they are innocent and decide to sue. The case can go to court because this report can be considered slanderous. Does that make it a case in the court of law where cats can be subpoenaed and have to testify? This thing is just beginning. Everyone gets an asterisk now. Baseball(for ignoring this when it should have jumped off with the Andro in Marks locker), friggin Bud Selig (how does he feel now that he cant put this all on BB), the players(for doing this), the players association(for trying to cya and not allowing any sort of testing), the media(for ignoring this when it shave jumped off with the Andro in Marks locker. The irony here is that there is no real new news. Most people new that this was all going on and most people people chose to ignore it. The only people that I feel sorry for are the gentleman in the records books that are being passed during this era. I mean they all set their records when black players couldn’t play before this era, and should be thought of in a greater light. Baseball made more than $6b dollars last year, so I don’t think they are really worried about how this is going to effect the game. The anticipation of how this is all going to play out is major. Damn, the home run king, the hits king, and maybe the one of the top 5 pitcher’s of all time shouldn’t be in the HOF, crazy.