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NBA All Star Weekend and a link or three

February 19, 2008 1 comment


NBA All Star weekend was great! Everything went pretty much spot on, and the Game lived up to being one of the best ever after some early game sloppiness. I was happy that KB24 got only a little bit of burn and got on up out of there. NOLA looks like things are progressing some and things are looking up. Ironically looking at the entire weekend, I am feeling okay about making a trip down there because things are pretty much getting back to normal. there is still a ton of work that needs to be done, still a lot of healing necessary but the city is looking good again and the community is responding. Check out Simmons today, a great article for which I feel the exact same way. So much so that I think I am going to spend my birthday down there this year, forget about Miami.

espn the mag article with MJ as told to Ric Bucher, Mike gives a little bit of perspective on these young cats, and the state of the game and how it is in good hands, as long as these guys stay original and try not to become MJ or MAgic or Larry.

another espn the mag article with the best commissioner in sports today, the great David Stern. Say what you want about the guy but he has taken a sport choc full of brotha’s and made it in to arguably the second leading sport worldwide to futbol.

ok, one more espn the mag article about a problem particular still facing the league which is a major one, that its a league full of black players playing largely to a corporate read white audience, and how the perception, the perception is that basically all nba guys are rappers at heart who just happen to be able to hoop. its an interesting situation and one that needs to be explored and then explored some more.


The only problem I had was the Dwight Howard dunk, or throw in… It wasn’t even a dunk, and they turned the lights out so no-one could see that he didn’t dunk what was that about? Also, how does Shaq feel that DH just jacked his jacked nickname? Shaq even has a tattoo. And he should have lost because he had a superman onesie on.Dwight should have done the kiss the rim dunk right here.. . Its at the 30s mark.


Congratulations Tony Parker!

February 16, 2008 1 comment


Ummm, Tony parker and Eva Longoria and some kids were at the San Antonio Zoo the other day. Eva was eating a big stick. Tony has been out injured for a while… Uh, yea. Well anyways, congratulations frenchie. There are other pictures, but who cares

Who Knew?

December 20, 2007 Leave a comment


Who knew frenchie was such a thug? Apparently some celebrity website dropped a story last week about TP hooking up for a couple of months after his wedding to Eva Longoria. Well unlike other celebs and entertainers and athletes that have been “falsely accused” TP isn’t having his lawyer write some bs issuing a statement through his attorneys, he is suing the newspaper for $40m. After the story dropped the happy couple defended their marriage in a major way, and I like that! Good for them, let’s hope that they are a forreals thing instead of some Hollywood bullshit marriage.

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I Like to Eat…

December 3, 2007 Leave a comment


I like to eat, and I like Eva Longoria, so I think sometime in January I will be heading to the corner of Ivar and Hollywood BLVD, for something new. In early January of 2008, Eva will be bringing some of her hometown recipes to the masses and along with some help from Todd English, Beso will be open. Hopefully the food is better than that of another famous latina’s restaurant

Anyways this announcement is reason enough for me to post pictures of Eva




there are a couple there with frenchie because this is a “basketball” site.

If Beso isn’t good, thats no problem, I can just keep going here