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Why Can’t We All Just Be Like Tiger?

December 18, 2007 Leave a comment


Great article in this months Golf Digest on El Tigre called, The Year of Living Dangerously

…And on that title when I was at the Tiger Woods Invitational, aka The Target World Challenge, the other day and I was lucky enough to cross paths a few times with Mr. Woods, it got me to thinking: Why don’t we ever hear any crazy car jacking, shoot out type of stories with the Tiger Wood’s and Alex Rodriguez’s of the sportworld? I keep hearing how athletes are becoming targets because of their money and random guys envy, but the more i think about it, that doesn’t fly. Who has more money than Tiger, or A-Rod, or Bron-Bron? We all know how much they make, or can approximate from what we read in the paper. But we never hear about shoot outs and home invasion with them do we? You can bring up google earth right now and probably find their homes. I know that Alex Rodriguez made about $187.5m from his last deal and could make almost twice that in the next 10 years. I know that Bron is building a castle somewhere outside of Cleveland and that he has a condo close to the Quicken Loans Arena that he stays at the night of games because he doesn’t want to drive out to the country late at night. To make it even more broad, Will Smith makes about $25m when he attaches his name to a movie script, and his life has been drama free since he left Philly to hang out with Uncle Phil. I hate to say it, but there has to be something about the guys that are getting caught up in this. It’s not a stretch to probably say that they aren’t “bad guys” but I do think that maybe they aren’t making the best decisions. But even that assessment is difficult though because I am not talking about the guys who are getting their houses broken into, and I don’t think we can even fault the guys who are “out to dinner” and get jacked for their necklaces. But there has go to be something there right? It has to be more than just random crime. Unfortunately, I don’t know what it is. Why must this stuff even happen at all. Why does one man or woman believe that they deserve to steal what someone else has rightfully obtained? What happened to a hard days work and earning. The guys, these athletes, have talent which they are being rewarded for. Yes, I will give you that guys like Mark Blount or Tim Thomas some of them don’t deserve it, but I know that most of them work very hard at being really good at what they do. It’s not their fault that our society places their jobs in such a high regard, or high enough that we are willing to spend a weeks paycheck on tickets to a game and all that comes with game night. But it is our fault that society places a premium on getting and not earning. Look at this whole housing debacle, if the brokers, and appraisers, and agents, and underwriters, and hedge fund managers, and homeowners weren’t only worried about “getting more” we wouldn’t be in this mess.


Everyone in MLB gets an * now

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The Mitchell Report is out… and the next few weeks are going to be very interesting. There are names attached obviously, pretty much all that we cared about. And there are some names like Roger Clemens that are just as big as Barry Bonds. I am curios to see if the same venomous statements and admonishing of self that was thrown at BB will be thrown at Roger and Andy Pettitte and the other names on this list. Roger is arguably the best pitcher in the last 50 years, does he potentially get asterisks too? You obviously cant wipe the numbers and records out of the books, because that would basically turned the statistics upside down, all numbers would have to be updated, its a virtual impossibility! What the hell is baseball going to do, I am so fired up.

Here is a link to Mitchell’s recommendations¬†

One quote from Mitchell is potentially disturbing about his suggestions to the commish about punishing the players:

“except in those cases where he determines that the conduct is so serious that discipline is necessary to maintain the integrity of the game.”

That sounds like a clear indication that they still think BB should suffer even more than everyone else. I still don’t understand how he is more culpable than any other player in this era. It is piss-offable. This is why i cannot deal with MLB and can only watch the Yankees.

I hope this really blow up in Baseball’s face. Think about this: what if someone knows they are innocent and decide to sue. The case can go to court because this report can be considered slanderous. Does that make it a case in the court of law where cats can be subpoenaed and have to testify? This thing is just beginning. Everyone gets an asterisk now. Baseball(for ignoring this when it should have jumped off with the Andro in Marks locker), friggin Bud Selig (how does he feel now that he cant put this all on BB), the players(for doing this), the players association(for trying to cya and not allowing any sort of testing), the media(for ignoring this when it shave jumped off with the Andro in Marks locker. The irony here is that there is no real new news. Most people new that this was all going on and most people people chose to ignore it. The only people that I feel sorry for are the gentleman in the records books that are being passed during this era. I mean they all set their records when black players couldn’t play before this era, and should be thought of in a greater light. Baseball made more than $6b dollars last year, so I don’t think they are really worried about how this is going to effect the game. The anticipation of how this is all going to play out is major. Damn, the home run king, the hits king, and maybe the one of the top 5 pitcher’s of all time shouldn’t be in the HOF, crazy.

It’s Official

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A-Rod has crazy dough! Oh yeah that is nothing new, but the deal has been finalized for the richest contract in baseball history… for the second time. $275m over 10 years for the base contract, with the potential to top out at $306m if certain incentives are met. Those incentive are home run related, so passing Willie Mays, Babe Ruth and Barry Bonds on the home run list could be very lucrative some more pocket change for Mr. Rodriguez. They should should just start calling this cat moneybags because its getting a bit ridiculous. This is some good news for the bombers and baseball on a day that could have a black cloud over the game. The Mitchell Report is coming out today… I can’t wait to see all the other names that are not Barry Bonds. I sure hope they give the rest of these guys the same drama they have been giving BB.

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Mo’ money

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I would be lighting up too, if the reports coming out of ESPN are correct. After a historic season turned in by Alex Rodriguez which included the regular season totals of 54 home runs 156 rbi 143 runs scored while batting .314, A-Rod collected a third MVP trophy, a silver slugger award, an all-star appearance. He is now close to collecting something else, a contract that could total up to $314m over the next ten years. As reported by here, representation for both Rodriguez and the Yankees are working the final kinks out on a deal that would pay around $275m in base, with some $30m in home run related incentives and $9m in deferred compensation. OMG. For that kind of money, you could talk about me all you want, who cares what the New York media writes about! More pictures of the slugger below


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