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I Wanna Be A Rapper…

August 18, 2008 1 comment

…or a producer, or hip hopper, or whatever we they’re calling themselves these days. Forbes compiled it annual list of the biggest earners, or Kash Kings and they call it, and its a pretty impressive list. No real newcomers this years, but its a who’s who of the rap game.  Fif, JAy, ‘Ye, Dre, Em, Pharrell and the other usuals… Its crazy to think that when I was a shorty my pops would tell me that its just temporary and no one will be listening to rap music 20 years from now… well its 15 years a few years later and “rap” music is selling everything from Kotex to Crunk. From television and movies, to computers and iphones to everything sports related, the urban music scene is up and down Madison Avenue. Trend setters, moguls of all mediums, and even philanthropy and political activism, i love it!

a little more fun too! the hip hop homes for sale, you know if you have a loose $6-15m hanging around in your couch!


I Just Had My Heartbroken….

February 29, 2008 Leave a comment

But don’t fret, because I think that I am in love again already… Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you Cassandra Ventura aka Cassie


Here are some thumbnails from an outstanding spread in next months GQ magazine… Shoot over to their site and check out the article, after you look at the pictures, and watch her videos… and you know… yeah…


My future ex wife used to be a model for Ambercrombie and Fitch so wearing just about nothing and having pictures taken of herself is nothing new… plus she has a “no regrets” tattooed on her body… Oh my, i was kidding when i said I was in love earlier, but now I think I really am… Watch out Puff!

This is good to work out to

Bad Boy News

January 29, 2008 Leave a comment


If you were watching Making the Band 4 like you were supposed to you would know this already but it was announced today that Harve Pierre has been named President of Bad Boy Records, it was announced today by Bad Boy Entertainment founder and CEO Sean “P Diddy” Combs. Reporting directly to Combs as President, he will oversee the finance, creative, promotional, marketing, A&R, International, and Sales divisions at the label. His Crazy Joint production imprint will develop artists and projects for the Bad Boy label. Harve initially joined BB in ’93, was most recently the EVP/GM/VP of A&R. OK… My man rose from Intern to a position with all those titles, maybe i will stop laughing every time I see him on MTB. Naaaah

Read up on this cat though at the link, he has crazy credits since he has been there. He really has had his hands in just about everything they have done for the last decade.  and just for old times sake, a certified banger that brought BB back… Bad Boy for Life:

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