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Return of the Boys… the Maserat? really?!!

September 8, 2008 Leave a comment


Episode 1 … Ive got the east coast feed….

Great first episode for Vinnie and the boys…. the opening scene is of Medellin getting an absolutely aweful review, but we knew that was coming given the reception at Cannes. The movie is bad… so bad, that it turns out it is going straight to dvd.

On a side note as we see E and Drama at the casa shooting the ish …  why do these cats still live together? This is something that I have never figured out.

Even as we are getting the feeling that the horrible review is all over the place, and Vince is on his way to being the next Jared Leto, we come to see that Vince and Turtle are hiding away in Mexico living the high life for 79 bucks a day, and they couldn’t care less about the state of his career.

:::: They have stepped up the production budget this year, big time ::::

This is how a Mexico vacation should be. The last time I was on a Mexican vacation, i realized my girlfriend pretty much hated me and i spent the middle day and a half of a week long trip on the pot evacuating my colon due to the chicharron i bought from some dude named Pedro pushing a cart on the beach. ummmm, anyways…

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The Entourage boys are Back

September 5, 2008 1 comment

Entourage is back for a full season starting Sunday night on HBO… and this season looks like it’ll be pretty good; Johnny Drama has blown up from his hit TV show, he’s got an Aston Martin a Viking Quest video game, and Vince is struggling for good roles after Aquaman and the bomb that was Medellin.

Wikipedia  My sources tell me that, “Season Five also promises Johnny Drama a hit show, a break-up and a daytime meltdown on “The View.” You know there will be a ton of cameos, a ton of hot women, and more of that inside the life of a Hollywood superstar action. I can’t wait! and for your viewing pleasure… some of the ladies that have been introduced to us from the show … Sloane, Tori, Dana

  Emmanuelle Chriqui

 Malin Akerman

  Constance Zimmer

90210 blow by blow

September 3, 2008 Leave a comment

My excitement is palpable!!!

Nice! Start off with a little bit of viva la vida, i”ll take that

8.00p ummm, ok that was funny… Andrea Zuckermans daughter… did you get the joke, “what is she like 30 years old?

8.05 its going to be difficult seeing tristan wilds aka dude from the wire, as the west beverly transplant

8.06 bj, already… im going to like this. Read more…

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August 19, 2008 Leave a comment

There is even a black character this time around, my excitement cannot be contained!!!

90210 done over, can’t wait!

May 20, 2008 2 comments

You wanna live in the zip… You gotta live by the code

I can’t tell you how fired up I am about this! They even addressed the minority hurdle that the original never did by casting my guy Tristan Wilds from The Wire. This is going to be really good, or really bad.. but lets hope its the really good bad!

Yes the strike is over…

February 15, 2008 Leave a comment


So when are my shows coming back? has provided a tentative schedule on the status of all of our favorite shows. Here it is. The writer’s have gotten back to work earlier this week, and they are playing catch-up… Even if you were “on strike” why wouldn’t you be jotting down notes since you know that you would be back to work at some point?

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Ummm OK, yeah, not so much

February 6, 2008 Leave a comment


John Mayer is a Funny Guy I guess. Here he is making a funny on his mayercraftcarrier concert thing. The cruise/music fest sounded like a pretty good idea and I was thinking about going next year. and then I saw these pictures… I wonder what was going on in his hotel room later that night. Fun times. He is funny though, I love the “white people dancing” Dave Chappelle skit he did. But of course you can’t find it because Viacom has taken all clips off of all video sites. bad times. Okay so to get my mind back right I need to post pictures of his old flame Minka Kelly. I heart her.


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