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Ummm OK, yeah, not so much

February 6, 2008 Leave a comment


John Mayer is a Funny Guy I guess. Here he is making a funny on his mayercraftcarrier concert thing. The cruise/music fest sounded like a pretty good idea and I was thinking about going next year. and then I saw these pictures… I wonder what was going on in his hotel room later that night. Fun times. He is funny though, I love the “white people dancing” Dave Chappelle skit he did. But of course you can’t find it because Viacom has taken all clips off of all video sites. bad times. Okay so to get my mind back right I need to post pictures of his old flame Minka Kelly. I heart her.


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Gotta Watch Tonight

December 7, 2007 Leave a comment

Friday Night Lights




This flat out the best show on network TV baby… and it has one of the best cast out there. The cast is made up of folks that can act their parts like no other. And the girls are hott. Not just TV hot either. I have been told first hand how spectacular these women are. Here they are (in order by the way)

Minka Kelly



Minka Kelly is definitely the one to watch. She will be starring in movies soon.

Amy Teegarden


Adrianne Palicki



Daniella Alonso


the mom Connie Britton is even still getting it done


Oh yeah, I guess there are some dudes on the show. The ladies tell me the guys are hott, I don’t know, they all pretty much look the same to me.