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Where did the Vincanity go?

January 10, 2008 Leave a comment

You know, after the post yesterday I began to think about how good Vince used to be. The man can still play when he wants to, but when you look at that clip right there, you begin to realize how much of a beast Vince Carter was. Dunking on cats in traffic, windmills in traffic! traffic people! Two hand 360’s with the backwards rotation. The alley oop windmills off of both feet. The level of talent in your average NBA player is unbelievable. So when you get a level above the average player like this, things that have never been seen before can happen. I have seen nba’ers first hand, played against one of two and trust me, the level of their game is beyond what you could imagine. It’s funny when some random looks at espn2, and thinks that just because someone can jump out the gym or they can dribble like the and1 guys or whatever, that that qualifies as being a good basketball player. But its against the likes of the best ball players down at the neighborhood Y. NBA guys do this against the best competition in the world every night. It is too bad that after years and years that these guys stop playing like this for whatever reason, and begin to settle for fall away jumpshots and 15 footers. Two dunks of note, check out the alley oop windmill when he was at Carolina, and the reaction of Quinn Buckner on the baseline reverse two hand half windmill against the Pacers. For all the hate, Vince did drop 30 last night!

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Still the Best

January 10, 2008 Leave a comment

Ladies and Gentleman, this is still the best dunk ever. Vince Carter long gave up the crown as best dunker, but this finish, in the olympics over 7′ 2″ Frédéric Weis, was called “le dunk de la mort” or the dunk of death. I just call it the illest shit I have ever seen. Remember that all this happened at a time when Vince was getting killed in the media for the whole summer about missing a game winning jumper because he went to his graduation the day of the playoff game. The craziest shit in all this is that Weis was actually drafted by the Knicks in the first round the ’99. Isiah didn’t get there until like 3 years later so this is one thing that can’t be blamed on him. check out the video below of a sick miss by James White, crazy ups!

It’s hard to find someone who can throw a nice lob…