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Jerry Buss Speaks

November 10, 2008 Leave a comment


If you love the Lakers you gotta be a fan of Dr. Jerry Buss, and not solely because of the hot tails that he keeps around on a regular basis. In a candid chat with LA Times magazine, Dr. Buss talks on the Celtics, The Zen Master, how he really feels about Mitch and even though he may be bidding against himself, he assures Laker fan that even though KB can opt out next year… Kobe isn’t going anywhere any time soon:

“We really don’t address those issues until they come up because we don’t know what the environment is, but we can’t afford to lose Kobe,” Buss said.

In the 25-minute interview, Buss alluded numerous times to the sagging economy and the possibility of its trickling down to the NBA. Buss would probably have to sign off on a five-year contract worth $135 million if Bryant opted out next summer.


It’s Here!!!

October 28, 2008 Leave a comment

Yes! After watching that ridiculousness that was game 5 of the World Series, I am happy to say that the NBA season gets under way tonight. I have already alerted the peeps at work that I am out at 2p this afternoon, so I can go and get my spot all ready for the opening night double header. I can’t even concentrate here at work, because tonight starts my Lake show on the Road to Redemption from last season debacle at the hands of the Celts.  So as I sit here at my desk, take a look at some stuff I found today on the boys and the League. As I find more I will share more… Can’t Wait for tip off!!!

Big Drew has some work to do …

More on AB

Phil Jackson doesn’t know who is starting yet!?! WTF

Paul from the jump this season

Kobe fucking with Sasha

Kobe’s marketing mojo is making a comeback

Who has a shot at the ‘chip, a study

The NBA is going Moneyball

Chris Broussard talking to ‘rooks

The Knicks head honcho

Simmons has some predictions for the season

I’m really calm right now!!!

October 22, 2008 Leave a comment

This cant be good. and what the eff is up with Phil saying that he didn’t even ask Kobe about his injury… Kobe is the guy!!! I mean damn the team will still be good, but there is no ‘chip in our future without KB24. I’m getting more and more worried as the minutes go by… we need these MRI results to be positive

We’re Baaaaaack!!!

September 30, 2008 2 comments

The reigning MVP and the rest of the Lakers crew has officially started the march for the 2008-9 ‘Chip.

Kobe is saying 30 is the new 20.

the story of how Andrew became a Laker is giving us plenty of reason to be excited about this year, part 1and part 2

L.O. is a little bit unhappy about the prospect of being the ultimate 6th man.

The e.s.p.n. pundits have them as a pre-season number 2

more pics and stuff after the jumper Read more…

Super Tuesday, Well… My Super Tuesday at least

February 5, 2008 3 comments


I’m not too worried about the voting for Hillary or Obama, because they will end up on the same ticket anyways, so I will tell you what I will be following closely tonight. Yeop you guessed it, Pau and how he fits in with the Lake Show 08. I can barely contain my excitement. No really, I am fired up for this game at New Jersey tonight. The Lakers have started this road trip out nicely at 2up and 1down , giving a game away in Detroit; and Pau Gasol has started his Laker life off good being quoted as saying:

“Obviously, I consider Kobe to be the best player in the league. I respect him a lot. It’s something that motivates me a lot and I think it’s going to help my game also.”

I love it! If you were watching, Kobe even brought the wings back out in Washington, after a nice finish! These next six games are winnable, but I think a 4-2 looks about right here. That’s a game or two getting acclimated, and Playing at Charlotte has always been difficult and Orlando plays pretty good at home.

This is Really Good News…

February 1, 2008 Leave a comment


The Lakers have gotten rid of the expiring contract of Kwame Brown and traded him for Pau Gasol formerly of the Memphis Grizzlies. Wow, the D might not be at the level that it was but the O is about to be craaaaazy! If we can get him playing the 4 when Andrew gets back, oh my gawd. Think about that. When healthy this is the starting five: DFish, Kobe, Lamar,Pau, Andrew and then you have Ronny,Luke,Trevor Ariza and Sasha and Jordan coming off the bench. Claude have mercy. We can now officially start talking about ‘chips again!


Don’t Get Used to This… Damn!

January 16, 2008 1 comment


Take a look at the standings right now… right here… I’ll wait while that sinks in. The Lakers are in First place, not only in the Pacific Division, but in the entire Western Conference. dammit. ARRRRGGGGHHH!!! This is pissing me off right now; Kobe even stately recently that he felt the Lakers are a championship contender with the progress they were showing. People are panicking around here because now its looking like we are headed for a lower 4 seed in the playoffs. I mean if the Lakers put together any sort of losing run together they possibly could go from first place to out of the playoff. Look at it… the entire west is blocked together. The eighth place team is only 4 game back of the first, and the top ten separated by 7. Jeez, this is nervous times, let’s keep our fingers crossed for .500 ball. What’s up with the East by the way? Only the top 3 teams in the East would be able to make the playoffs in the West… what is that all about? I thought the East was back… whatever