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Finally, The Curve is here for Verizon

May 12, 2008 Leave a comment

Today is the day for all of us Curve on Verizon apologist. I will have mine in hand by about 10am pst, but here is the kicker, I saw a post about the Blackberry 9000, The Blackberry Bold this weekend. It is a BEAUTIFUL piece of work and due out for ATT later this year. So frustrating… A couple of pics just to piss you off are below…


Finally the Blackberry Curve on Verizon??? Update

April 2, 2008 1 comment


It has taken them long enough, but now, yes NOW, OK well maybe in May, but the 8330 is here for Verizon Wireless. I held out, but now i don’t even know if i want the effing phone anymore. Ah well, well see when its in my palm how i feel about it. Lets just hope they don’t charge $499 for it. Wouldn’t that be a bitch?

finally the Blackberry Curve on Verizon???

November 30, 2007 18 comments


According to a boygenious report the Blackberry Curve will be on Verizon by the end of the first quarter next year, and its about friggin’ time! Good lookin’ out Verizon.

My new every two contract is up for renewal mid March so I am pretty fired up about the, “… newly obtained information, it appears the Blackberry 8330 will be another World Edition device that will eventually find it’s way to CDMA carriers, such as Verizon, Sprint and Telus…” And I can’t wait!

To read the BGR rumor check it out right here but there is only one problem…


the Blackberry 9000 is rumored to be coming out right around that time, how long will it take to get verizon up on that? … OMG