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The Countdown Is On

January 5, 2008 Leave a comment


Man, this chick is crazy… And the countdown is on. It is so sad, but I really think that we as a society are trying to get this girl to murder herself. They tried and almost succeeded with Lindsey Lohan, and the jury is still out on her, because she is on the verge of another meltdown, but it seems as if she doesn’t have any real mental problems. But this one… she had some mental deficiencies and with the constant pressure of living up to who she was, she is teetering dangerously close to calling it a day. Apparently they let her out of the hospital today, which doesn’t make any sense, but it is what it is. Have we gotten to the point that we as a society cant just be happy with the music they give or the movies they create. I guess I am a part of it on some level since I am writing about this right now, but damn, lets at least let these people live a little. Now there definitely are your publicity hounds, who go to the restaurants they know paparazzi will be at, or literally call the gossip gurus to come see them shop or whatever, but at some point this shit goes too far. I mean Princess Diana had to die over this shit, and one of these celebutants is going to kill herself over it. Michael Jackson has gone fucking crazy and now his music sucks. I wonder how some of these people can stay sane but others go absolutely bonkers. What I struggle with is: are these character flaws that they had all the time and the money and the fame just magnifies it, or is it something that has been created by crazy obsessed stage parents and a media that won’t let them live a normal life at all, where ever they are?

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