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Give Me a Break, Why Is T.O. Crying?

January 14, 2008 Leave a comment

Where was all this when Donovan and the Eagles lost a heart breaker in the Superbowl? Is everything this guy does made for TV?

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This is your Superbowl Match Up

January 14, 2008 Leave a comment


Ok the Superbowl has been set. Well, maybe not just yet, but yeah…. Someone explain to me how this match-up is not going to happen? Tom Brady and the Pats took care of business at home against a team that pretty much everyone thought would give them a good game. Brett Favre and the Packers waxed Seattle’s ass in the snow, and kept alive the biggest Superbowl story line in ages. Can you imagine how big of a story this will be, Favre in what could be his final year, attempting to take down what could be considered the greatest team in NFL history, attempting to go 19-0. San Diego might have a chance this week if everyone is healthy, but karma is a bitch and all that crying and complaining that San Diego does is going to catch up to them again. Eli and the Giants could have a chance this week, but the reality is that they are playing with house money at this point. I’m excited just thinking about it really.

I am D.U.N. done with Orenthal James

January 11, 2008 Leave a comment


According to the Associated Press, OJ has been taken into custody AGAIN!

LAS VEGAS (AP) — O.J. Simpson is in custody in Florida and will be brought before a judge next week on allegations that he violated terms of his release on bail in a Las Vegas armed robbery case, a court official said.

A hearing was scheduled Wednesday at the request of Clark County District Attorney David Roger, who was filing a motion Friday to revoke Simpson’s bail, according to a clerk for District Court Judge Jackie Glass.

Regardless of how you feel about the “OJ Simpson Murder Case” you have got to be fed up with OJ. If you accept that fact that he literally got away with murder, why not just live off your pension and be easy. I just don’t get it really.

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RIP Sean Taylor

November 30, 2007 Leave a comment


Interesting story here by the supremely talented Jason Whitlock out of KC titled: “Taylors Death, A Grim Reminder for Us All”

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