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I Wanna Be A Rapper…

August 18, 2008 1 comment

…or a producer, or hip hopper, or whatever we they’re calling themselves these days. Forbes compiled it annual list of the biggest earners, or Kash Kings and they call it, and its a pretty impressive list. No real newcomers this years, but its a who’s who of the rap game.  Fif, JAy, ‘Ye, Dre, Em, Pharrell and the other usuals… Its crazy to think that when I was a shorty my pops would tell me that its just temporary and no one will be listening to rap music 20 years from now… well its 15 years a few years later and “rap” music is selling everything from Kotex to Crunk. From television and movies, to computers and iphones to everything sports related, the urban music scene is up and down Madison Avenue. Trend setters, moguls of all mediums, and even philanthropy and political activism, i love it!

a little more fun too! the hip hop homes for sale, you know if you have a loose $6-15m hanging around in your couch!


Jay Z has got his boy LeBron’s back

April 28, 2008 Leave a comment

It’s not LeBron is really having a problem with The Bullets and DeShawn but Hov hooked his boy up with a nice freestyle letting DS know how you have your rapper friends represent. While he flew Souljah Boy in and had him wearing a jersey like a fan, Jay dropped bars. Listen Up courtesy of, the shit is hot

Ummm… Really, Who Cares

January 15, 2008 Leave a comment



So they are saying that a lot of rappers and entertainers are taking steroids these days… ummm OK, so what!!! Trust me, almost all of them are taking something. How do you think Brad Pitt got “in shape” for Fight Club, or Will Smith in Ali, or Ed Norton in American History X, or Gerard in 300, or Brad in Alexander. Let’s not even start with all these ladies taking clenbuterol and those types of drugs trying to lose weight. Whatever, I don’t care, because it is entertainment. This is as big a non story as I’ve read in months.

BBC Ice Cream Look Book Season 6

December 18, 2007 Leave a comment


The official Billionaires Boys Club LookBook for Season 6 is out. Check it out here in all its glory! The gear is hella fresh, I just can’t see myself dropping the crazy loot like they are talking about. But then again I’m not in the mix either, so I don’t need to. Shout Out! to Chad Hugo though, he is all over the pages here in full effect with the boys from N.E.R.D. Shout out to Pharrell’s for being a beast


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Why Can’t We All Just Be Like Tiger?

December 18, 2007 Leave a comment


Great article in this months Golf Digest on El Tigre called, The Year of Living Dangerously

…And on that title when I was at the Tiger Woods Invitational, aka The Target World Challenge, the other day and I was lucky enough to cross paths a few times with Mr. Woods, it got me to thinking: Why don’t we ever hear any crazy car jacking, shoot out type of stories with the Tiger Wood’s and Alex Rodriguez’s of the sportworld? I keep hearing how athletes are becoming targets because of their money and random guys envy, but the more i think about it, that doesn’t fly. Who has more money than Tiger, or A-Rod, or Bron-Bron? We all know how much they make, or can approximate from what we read in the paper. But we never hear about shoot outs and home invasion with them do we? You can bring up google earth right now and probably find their homes. I know that Alex Rodriguez made about $187.5m from his last deal and could make almost twice that in the next 10 years. I know that Bron is building a castle somewhere outside of Cleveland and that he has a condo close to the Quicken Loans Arena that he stays at the night of games because he doesn’t want to drive out to the country late at night. To make it even more broad, Will Smith makes about $25m when he attaches his name to a movie script, and his life has been drama free since he left Philly to hang out with Uncle Phil. I hate to say it, but there has to be something about the guys that are getting caught up in this. It’s not a stretch to probably say that they aren’t “bad guys” but I do think that maybe they aren’t making the best decisions. But even that assessment is difficult though because I am not talking about the guys who are getting their houses broken into, and I don’t think we can even fault the guys who are “out to dinner” and get jacked for their necklaces. But there has go to be something there right? It has to be more than just random crime. Unfortunately, I don’t know what it is. Why must this stuff even happen at all. Why does one man or woman believe that they deserve to steal what someone else has rightfully obtained? What happened to a hard days work and earning. The guys, these athletes, have talent which they are being rewarded for. Yes, I will give you that guys like Mark Blount or Tim Thomas some of them don’t deserve it, but I know that most of them work very hard at being really good at what they do. It’s not their fault that our society places their jobs in such a high regard, or high enough that we are willing to spend a weeks paycheck on tickets to a game and all that comes with game night. But it is our fault that society places a premium on getting and not earning. Look at this whole housing debacle, if the brokers, and appraisers, and agents, and underwriters, and hedge fund managers, and homeowners weren’t only worried about “getting more” we wouldn’t be in this mess.

Christian Bale Is My New Hero

December 3, 2007 1 comment


Variety is reporting that Christian Bale is in final talks to revive another movie franchise that has seen better days, Terminator. Lets just say that I am excited, because this cat can really effing act.


With The Dark Knight, Killing Pablo, and now this, my non sexual man crush may be back in effect.

More pictures of the photogenic guy from the U.K. who will be having a very good next two years thanks to some serious talent and a couple of really nice checks from Warner Bros.


Sexual Seduction … Snoop is a Pimp Forreals!

November 29, 2007 Leave a comment

How many of us remember this Snoop?


My have things changed. I am all for one getting that paper but this video compared to deep cover is mind boggling. Its like he isn’t even the same person, i guess its a credit to how far we all have come because this song is hot. The video is definitely a stretch but I am going to say that its the artist in him and not the rapper who cam up with this idea. I like it, and the more references to Rick James in my life the better… anyways onto the video:

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