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It’s Hard Out There for A Mascot

February 28, 2008 Leave a comment

Wowzers… This settles it, mascots and cheerleaders are not athletes… I hope they do like a rotating mascot or something… This jagoff blows a couple of CL‘s during a timeout. I thought Duke was hard to get in to. I guess being intelligent and being a retard are two different thing. yeah, it sucks for him, but this video gets better every time I watch it. He hops down, what, a foot and a half and you see the pop… HE goes down like someone shot him… and then he is writhing in pain. Sucks to be that guy, but they have good facilities at Duke, as long as you aren’t Grant Hill’s ankle.


Dickie V is back babeee!

February 6, 2008 Leave a comment


Its interesting how different college basketball sounds without Dickie V. Whether you love him or have him, he is all about Duke basketball college basketball. He recently went under throat surgery and that is why he hasn’t been around, but buckle up babeee! because he is back tonight for the big Duke at North Carolina game. Here is a great little piece in the NYTimes about Dickie V with a nice audible slide show. REally though, who knew his house is over 17k square feet? jeez, thats awesome babee!

Big Game recapped

December 5, 2007 Leave a comment


Memphis got the W, Memphis 62 USC 58 in OT… Derrick Rose didn’t play great but he managed a decent game and they pulled out the win.


OJ started off on fire, but struggled in the second half trying to take over the game at his coaches request. I don’t think there will be any sort of Magic/Larry type of thing here, because these two play different positions in the league. OJ will be considered for the point but will end up being a 2 because he is a guy that will want to go for the mid-twenties ppg, Derrick will run point. Check out the article in cnnsi by Luke Wynn for another game recap

Big Game Tonight!

December 4, 2007 Leave a comment



Tonight at MSG, OJ Mayo and the USC Trojans take on Derrick Rose and the No.2 ranked Memphis Tigers in the Jimmy V Classic. This game is going to be goooood! If it is anything like the much talked about AAU game of a few years ago, this is definitely one to put on the Tivo. I am sure you all know who OJ Mayo is but probably not Derrick Rose, here is a nice little youtube clip for all the nons.

His game is ready too! He is currently is second on his team in scoring at 17ppg, first in assist at just over 4, and he also is grabbing 5 boards from the point guard spot. OJ is dropping 21 a game basically staying on the perimeter trying not to roll an ankle. I can’t be too mad at him though, he has about half a billi on the line. No need to mess around and eff up the rest of your life by getting hurt playing with some college boys. Here is a nice article about all the man child playing with boys and being the next big thing